I got my hair trimmed today so I thought it would make for an interesting subject to look at.

Want to prevent headaches for a year? Then get your hair cut on Good Friday. If you want luxurious hair avoid cutting it when the moon is waning. If the moon is full it will help it grow. Don't shave your head on Saturday or you will forever be in debt. Hair is supposed to be burn instead of thrown away in order to prevent birds from using them as nesting material. If a bird does use your hear bad things might occur. If the burning hair burns brightly you will have long life. If it splutters and smolders it is a sign of death. Full hair is seen as a sign of good health whereas thin or balding hair is seen as a sign of bad health. An old Irish superstition says that if a traveler meets a red haired women they must start their journey over. This comes from the goddess Macha who cursed the men of Ireland for nine generations with horrible pangs of pain.