A little sevie I love brought this topic to my mind.
Now... one of my very best friends has been a tad down lately. For reasons only she, I and a few other people know the true detail of. As Jessi I do what must be done to make her laugh. It's how I function it's who I am.
Also one of the amazing sevies I know is down. Her best friend, the sevie who brought this all up in a bulletin, has been trying to cheer her up. But she has said she might give up. And this is where the entire point to this comes in.
As friends, which I hope we all are to someone, it is our job to cheer up the people we love. And you cannot give up, no matter how hopeless it seems. What always makes me keep going is when I bring a smile to my friend's face, even for just a half a second.
It makes me happy to know that somewhere inside them, even amongst all the sadness, they can still smile.
It's my job, and I love it. I'll never stop my job and will always be there to cheer my friends up even when they don't want it.
So, don't give up little sevie.
Because your friends need you a lot more then you may think.