Current mood: blank
Category: Life
Lately I've been pretty happy and my blogging hasn't been anything super personal like it use to be and that made me so happy. But of course when the sun shines it can never be for too long.
I'm not going to go into heavy detail, at all, but I will say so much.
What do you do when you're parents throw your clothes on the front porch?
What do you do when you tell your mom, "I'll just get a new family" and she tells you "go ahead"?
Well for the clothes one I was pissed.
For the new family I of course meant killing myself because I believe in recarnation. So she told me to do it. To go ahead and do it.
Maybe I will, but then again I have to consider all the people I'd be hurting.
I have so many friends and people who care for me. I have something I'm going to live up to one day.
But I know that somewhere inside me I need something to live for.
Something important so important to me that I would die to keep it safe.
I have no idea what this could be. A person? A pet? An item?
I honestly haven't the slightest idea, but this just made me shiver today when I relized I am living for nothing.
Maybe I'll find something to live for. I have good friends, and we have fun moments together but sometimes when I'm all alone in my room it just doesn't seem worth it.
Sometimes I wish I could trap myself in my dreams and just stay there forever, but I can't.
We may feel safest in our dreams or with our friends or whatever.
Now, my friends, or whoever is reading this blog for whatever reason.
I want you to find something to live for. I want you to be happy.
Please do that.
I want everyone to be happy because a world with sadness is sad I hate being sad.
But we must remember that we can never take away the hate because as long as there is love people will fight for what they love which will cause hate.
It's how life goes down and sometimes life doesn't always go down the way we wish it would.
Sometimes it seems easier if we could just dwell forever in our dreams.