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Blah This journal is where I post whatever random nonsense I feel like. So..Ha. xPP

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Wolf Roleplays
{{So yeah..I'm seeing a lot more Wolf RPs on Neopets than on Gaia..Is that coincidence? Or is that just because the people on Neopets have better taste? xDD Just kidding..Well..I'm going to try to bring back Wolf RP appreciation..So..I'm going to start to write up little blurbs from other Wolf RPs (Mainly my Guild on Neopets.) so people who read this Journal can maybe start to like them.

This first blurb is basically my Wolf (Rokuni) 's past in a nutshell..A 12-Neoguild-post-nutshell. x33 And those allow 2000 characters per post..}}

**Cue Flashback**

"You know 'Kuni, you have been stiff these past few days..Is something bothering you?" a feminine voice came from behind the brute, who was sitting on the shore of a lake. His reflection was split in his eyes, half of it was puma and half was his own, which he couldn't decide which was right to believe. {This was after his foster parents were killed, he had found his old clan when he realized that he was actually a wolf and not a puma, though he still used the puma-tactics he was taught. ^^;;}

Rokuni sighed, his head drooping a bit, and he didn't shift his gaze from the water. "Many things.." he replied. "But this one feeling..I can't shake it..No matter how hard I try.."

The fae sat down next to the brute, revealing her form. She was a wolf with the same sort of patterns as Rokuni, except for the fact that her colors were the reverse of his, the white being on the left side and the black on the right side. Her name was Kyra, Kyra of the clan of the Changing Winds.

"What kind of feeling is it?" she asked. "Is it a danger feeling?"

"It feels that way." he replied, finally turning his head to see her. "Kyra, have you not sensed it?"

"Today has been a weird day..Since morning, I guess I have been feeling a bit off..But you know what?" she asked, licking the side of his muzzle like a playful pup. "That feeling cannot match in greatness with another feeling I have.."

The brute smirked a playful smirk, almost knowing what she would say next. "Oh?" he asked, nudging her in return. "And what might that be?.."

All of a sudden, a rustling in the bushes disturbed the two's conversation. Another wolven appeared, his coloring the same as Rokuni's except this wolf was much older than he, and more mature in his build (more bulky and muscular).

"What brings you to us, Sparare?" Rokuni asked, almost as if he were annoyed by the brute's sudden appearance.

"We are under attack!" he yelled in a panick. "Rokuni, Kyra! Please! We are in need of your assistance, we must defend the mothers and young ones!"

Rokuni almost literally jumped up, turning abruptly towards Sparare. Kyra spun around, her tail coming in front of her body as she did so. A scowl appeared on Rokuni's face as he thought of some of the possible clans that might be attacking.

"Are you sure?" Kyra asked in the same panicking vioce that Sparare was using. "Who is attacking us?"

"It is the clan of fire!" Sparare exclaimed. "And they are being assisted by the clan of the lightning!"

"Both?" Rokuni asked aloud. "This isn't good..We must hurry! Kyra, come on!"

All three of them began to run, all the way back to the center of their clan's residential part of their terra. The invading two clans had already made it two that area, using their elements to their advantage and already attacking some of the innocent wolves of the clan.

At their arrival, Sparare was met by one of the wolves of the clan of fire. He was hit by a blast of that Dire's element, and sent tumbling backwards into a tree. Rokuni immediately stepped in front of the elder protectively to make sure he wasn't put through further harm.

"Step aside, Cunning One.." the wolf snarled, looking from Sparare to Rokuni, and then finally to Kyra. "..Or the female gets hurt."

This angered the brute, to be pulled into two separate decisions. It was either loose one of the few wolves that put meaning into his life, or let down an elder who still valued the life he had left. Rokuni did the first thing to come to mind: his body was surrounded in a whirlwind, and he charged at the fire-elemental wolf with claws extended. This knocked the enemy brute many meters back and into a tree, knocking him temporarily unconscious. Sparare then rose to his feet, wobbly from injury.

"Rokuni, take Kyra and go." the elder wolven said in a shaky voice.

"But..But Sparare, you have no way to defend yourself..You are injured." Kyra chimed in.

"I have lived a long life, and a good one too. You are still young, therefore you must live on, and my life shall be the one to be jeapordized."

"But elder-" Rokuni said.

"-Now go!" Sparare yelled, and Kyra and Rokuni immediately ran off into the fray that was happening at the main den area.

Rokuni stopped himself and Kyra as they entered the bushes that surrounded the den area. There, right before their eyes, the two could see friends, relatives, and pack members fighting for their lives in the battle between the joint group and their lone clan of the Changing Winds.

"Kyra.." Rokuni spoke up, but almost in a hushed tone. His scowling eyes glanced at the enemy packs that were battling before them.

"Yes?" she asked, looking onto the battle with narrow eyes, but still listening to Rokuni's words.

"I want you to gather up all of the mothers and children of the clan, and get them to a safe place." he replied, motioning towards the largest den as a starting spot. "They do not need to be dragged into this fray."

After much hesitational thought, Kyra nodded to the brute's request. "Alright..I'll do it." she replied, seeing Rokuni step out of the bushes to reveal himself to the enemies. "But..Rokuni.."

"What is it?" he asked, his tone of concern rather than annoyance.

"Promise me that when this ends..We will meet again?"

A smile appeared on his face as he walked back over to her, gently nudging the fur beneath her chin.

"With all of my heart, I promise." he replied, and then ran off into the center of the battle.

Kyra, herself, then began to run to the closest den and entered, seeing a mother and two of her children huddled in the farthest chamber for safety.

"Follow me!" Kyra shouted in a loud whisper. "I will be leading you all to safety..out of the way of the fight!"

The mother nodded, and placed one of the pups in her mouth. The young fae took the other pup and ran out of the den, leading the small family out of the battlefield and to the shore of the lake that she and Rokuni had been conversing not too long ago.

Kyra continued on in bringing the females and pups to safety. Truly, she was the only female in the clan that was doing something other than hiding, and she felt proud that she was helping out the males in battle by giving them one less thing to worry about.

At the battlefield, the odds against the Changing Winds clan were growing more and more dangerous. The clan of fire was dominating, and the clan of the lightning was helping them, almost like a tag-team kind of battle. The wind clan had already lost half of their wolves to these two enemy clans, though the other two in their joining had lost the same percentage, the odds were still the same uneven as when the battle started.

Rokuni was battling a wolf of the lightning clan at that time, and was succeeding in wearing him out. Though, at the same time, the brute was also growing fatigued, and one could tell merely by the way his paws were shaking from combat. Also, he was panting heavily, and there were battlescars already on the left side of his face. His head was drooped almost to the point of being perpendicular to the ground, which would have made it easy for his opponent to latch on to his neck and finish him off.

"Ha.." the lightning wolf scuffed. "I suggest you give up now, pup, before I really hurt ya'.."

Another instinctual growl emitted from Rokuni's throat, and he raised his head. The hue of his eye turned from a soft crimson red, to a beating blood red. He bore his fangs more, and charged at the other with a full intention of killing him.

"I promised someone I would stay alive..And I will keep that promise!" the brute shouted, before jumping and sinking his teeth into the other brute's throat, puncturing the wind pipe and thus cutting off a valuable source of life.

The gleam in his eyes remained that same red as Rokuni went around, fighting and killing every wolf that got in his way. Along with his triumph, though, Rokuni payed in a beating from the fire clan, the more ruthless one. Most, if not all of the wolven he had called family had now been killed at their merciless paws, and he didn't appreciate that.

After fighting so much, and being beaten so badly, one strike from a fire Dire's (heh, that rhymes. xDD) paw knocked him to the ground, causing Rokuni to faint (or be knocked out, either way he's unconscious) and be left in the center of the battlefield and prone to attack.

Though, the wolf that struck Rokuni was lead to think that the brute was dead, and left him to fight off more wolves. The battle raged on, and Rokuni was left on the ground helpless, and useless to the battle he had hoped to finish.

The brute was loosing family members left and right, and he wasn't conscious enough to see it happen. Every so often he'd be stepped on by other wolves that were fighting, and some times other wolven may fall onto him, two of them dying right in front of him. Even though Rokuni was still unconscious, the scowl was still on his face.

"Okay..Are we missing anyone?" Kyra asked, tallying the number of faes and pups there were currently with her.

The other females conversed with each other, checking to see if there were any missing. One of them turned to Kyra, with a worried look on her face.

"Wait..What about Luna's family?" the fae asked. "They are..missing!"

"I must go back, then." the fae replied in a loud whisper. "Stay here, and stay together everyone." Kyra warned, before running off back into the fray where the other wolven of her pack were still fighting.

When Kyra approached the battle scene, though, she saw something that caused her to pause in her run, sliding to a stop about two feet into the fray. Her heart began to pound, and her eyes widened, seeing the brute she cared deeply for being stepped on by the paws of her enemies, and Rokuni laying there helplessly. Tears swelled up in her eyes, and she let out a loud, mournful howl to the heavens, then lowering her head afterwards. She didn't care anymore whether the other brutes noticed her or not, only Rokuni mattered to her at the moment.

The fae ran over to the limp body of the brute. She lowered her head and nudged at his neck to see if he would wake up: no reply. Kyra then shook him frantically with her paw, trying to stir him: but that didn't work either. The tears in her eyes fell down onto Rokuni's cheek as she leaned over his body in mourning, and then letting out another howl.

"You promised me!" she shouted angrily at the unconscious Rokuni. "You promised you would come back for me!" Kyra began to get mad at Rokuni, but then began to blame herself for this, remembering that she let him run off alone. "This is..all..my..fault..I shouldn't have let him go alone!"

"Hey little missie!" A wolf of the lightning clan snapped, seeing the fae near the brute. "What's a little girl like you doing in a fray like this?" he taunted.

"Stay back!" she snapped back at him. "He's dead..What do you want from him now?"

"It's not him I want..It's you." he replied with a chuckle, taking a step forward towards her. "A female has no place in battle..I will take you down easily!"

The enemy brute charged full-force at Kyra with his teeth barred and his claws extended. Kyra growled a loud growl, and her body was surrounded in a whirlwind. It dispersed then after the brute charged, leaving him confused and also open for attack. Kyra was descending from the spot she had jumped towards in the air, aiming for the brute's neck. He, though, turned quickly and saw her charge. Kyra was wacked to the ground hard by merely the other brute's right paw, leaving a scar like Rokuni's on the left side of her face.

"Nice try pup, but your speed is no match for my brute strength."

"Oh really?" she mused, her fur beginning to blow in a wind that was barely visible. "Well..See if you can catch me now!"

The brute jumped after hearing her taunt, but Kyra's body disappeared in a flash of wind, and then appeared to his left side.

"Over here.." she said with a laugh, and watched him charge again. But she disappeared once more, and landed right behind him. Her jaw opened and she closed down hard on his spinal cord with her fangs, hearing a satisfying yelp from her opponent.

"Sneaky little wench!" he roared, shaking her off and onto the ground. He then placed his paw firmly on her throat, pinning her to the ground and a smirk then appearing on his face.

"Any last words before I cut out your throat?" the brute threatened Kyra as he flexed his right paw's claws above her neck.

"Just a few.." she replied in a staggered, choked tone. "Rokuni..I'm sorry."

Just then, the sharp claws of the enemy brute met her skin in a quick thrash, cutting off her necessary way of breathing and thus putting an end to the fae's life. All of a sudden, a sort of impulse shot through Rokuni's body, and caused him to start twitching. The battle was ending around him, and the rest of his pack members were killed, thus the two enemy packs, with what members they had left, retreated in pride.

After regaining full consciousness, Rokuni's eyes opened fully. He literally jumped to his feet (as he jumped when Sparare told him the news of the attack) and looked around, not knowing what had happened in the span of his unconsciousness. His orbs darted around the scene frantically, looking at all of the bodies layn astrew on the battlefield.

"What happened?!" he shouted, panting with fear. "Where is everyone?!"

Rokuni ran, he had no set destination, but it was just an impulse. First, he approached the tree where Sparare was hit, and saw a ripped carcass. His eyes widened and tears filled in his eyes. The next location he arrived at was of the den of his foster parents, astrewn with ripped flesh and stained with blood, only making the tears flow even faster. Rokuni then ran to the bank of the river, not seeing any flesh but seeing the water near the shore a dim red. The brute changed his direction, running back to the center where he had started.

One sight came to his eye at an instant, like a flourescent bug on a window. There lay the body of Kyra..The fae whom he deeply cared for had been killed at the hands of his enemies. If Rokuni had the energy left, he would have cried more, but he just couldn't. All of his tears had been used after being scarred by the sights he had seen before.

Slowly and sadly Rokuni approached the body of his dead (me-*cough*) friend, placing his hand on the torn throat and the tears he had left ran off his nose and onto the fur on her cheek (de ja vu..O-o..Hehe..I got that from episode 118 of Inuyasha..It's one of my favorite eppies. ^^). His body collapsed ontop of hers in sorrow, and then he let out a long, mournful howl as she did before him.

"Why?! Why did they have to kill you?!" he shouted to no one. "You gave meaning to my life..You gave me hope and purpose..Every morning I woke up and looked forward to a greeting from you..And now.."

Rokuni stood, looking around at the limp and dead bodies of his pack members, and some of the members of the other packs. "And now..I'm alone..Not a single member of the pack is alive except for me..Am I..Really the last clan member?.."

Otherwhere in the woods, the packs of Raging Fire and Sleak Lightning were traveling back to their own set territories, splitting off as soon as they were both of equal distance to their separate own. The alphas of the pack, though, both stopped at the same moment as they traveled, and the members of their pack gave them quizzical looks.

"Alpha..Why have you stopped?" One of the males of the Sleak Lightning Clan asked.

"Go on without me..There is no threat.." that alpha replied. "You can all celebrate without me, for the moment."

"Alright boss.." that brute replied, and then led the others back to their own territory, as a member from the Raging Fire clan did as well to his pack. The alpha of that Raging Fire pack suddenly ran off, off in the direction that the Sleak Lightning alpha was standing. When he approached him, that alpha stopped and sat on his haunches beside him. If one didn't know them well, one would see them as brothers, but they were actually only allies of two packs. Suddenly, a shadow appeared in front of them without a form, almost like a messenger of another higher being.

"I assume you were successful?" she shadow spoke to the both of them.

"But of course." The alpha of the lightning clan spoke.

"There is not a wolf alive of that wind clan." The alpha of the fire clan spoke.

"Impressive.." the shadow replied in a voice that almost sounded like he was being controlled. "You are free to return to your packs..Your duties are done, and there will be no doubt that you will be rewarded later on."

"Yes master." the two alphas replied in unison, and then left to go to their respective packs.

"Excellent..." the shadow said to himself, flying away to a set destination. "That clan of disbelievers is out of the way..And, as of now, there are no more rebel packs to eliminate..I just hope it stays that way.." All of a sudden, in the middle of its flight, the shadow dispersed into thin air and then traveled to its source in fragments, ones that changed into different colors as they returned, supposedly elemental colors.

A creepy chuckle then rumbled through the woods and caused birds to stir, signaling an evil accomplishment by an evil Lord.

Rokuni, after much introspection and though, began to travel out of the center of his clan's territory, stepping on the bodies of his friends and families. As he came to Kyra's body, Rokuni growled and closed his eyes.

"I kept my promise.." he said, placing his left paw on her bloody, limp one. "You didn't keep your end of it..I..I hope you find peace in death.." he replied, before his slow walk turned into a trot and he left the body of his dead friend behind. Little did he know that the real reason why she died was because of his own fault and faint {{It's all kinda like Romeo and Juliet in a way..Well..Atleast this ending part..Except 'Romeo' lives and doesn't kill himself..^^;;}}. The brute didn't know where his next destination was..But he just wanted to get away..Away from all of the pain that had just been inflicted upon him..And all of the guilt he knew he would have to endure later on. The scowl that was on his face was permanently fixed there, the brute now only knowing the worser parts of life and swore not give any chance to the better. The shimmering blood red in his eyes slowly died away after the battle, but the piercing crimson will always remain.

**End Flashback.**

{{Comments, critique, and whatnot would be greatly appreciated.}}

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