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Sakura- Wulfy why are we doing a skit two days in a row question stare

Wulfy- Well Sakura as you know, I’m a very busy person. *Sakura scoffs in the background* rolleyes With my new mini art contest going on and all, but we have to do something about Tsuki and Hiro! So I decided to do a little skit to...

Sakura- stare Ok. What do you suggest we do then question confused

Wulfy- Well someone’s in a pissy mood…. We go out and look for him!!!!

Sakura eek Are you crazy?! scream

Wulfy- Yeah sometimes. 4laugh

Sakura- stare We can’t just go out and look for him! It could take us forever to find him! And who’s going to handle your account while we’re gone?! gonk stressed

Wulfy- ^_^ Well that’s easy! Smok! *smok flys in*User Image

Sakura- *eye twitches* Your going to let a little dragon handle your account?! scream

Wulfy- Yep! ^_^ I know he can do it! Can’t you little buddy! O yes you can! O yes…*Wulfy continues to baby talk Smok while Sakura mutters curse words under her breath*

Sakura- *sighs* rolleyes Fine when are we leaving.

Wulfy- Well now that everybody knows I’m leaving….I guess right now! ^_^ blaugh 3nodding

Sakura- You’ve officially lost your f**king mind haven’t you? xd

Wulfy- Who s**t in your cereal? stare

Sakura- stare It’s who…never mind. Wait your leaving your account to Smok…have you thought of the fact that he can’t talk?

Wulfy- eek …uhhh wellll…..

Sakura- Wow. You tard. xp

Wulfy- Ok what the hells wrong with you? Usually me and you are the one’s who are all happy and Tsuki’s the one who’s all doom and gloom. sad What’s up?

Sakura- Nothing. Can we just go? stressed

Wulfy- Well I would but since you found a hole in my plan we have to find some way to make Smok talk… sweatdrop

Sakura- Why don’t you use that book of spells? The Summoning Tome? I’m sure there’s something in there that can help…

Wulfy- Your right! ^_^ Thank you Sakura but the only way it will work is if it’s on a full moon…..

Sakura- You know this how?

Wulfy- Well I’ve skimmed through it before, and most of the spells have to be done on a full moon….

Sakura- Well the next full moons in a week, maybe we can try it tonight?

Wulfy- gonk NO! I mean…No we have to do it on a full moon if it says…no exceptions….. 3nodding

Sakura- You turned your self into a toad didn’t you? stare

Wulfy- Only 4 times….. gonk sweatdrop

Sakura- Wow… 4laugh

Wulfy-Holy cows! She laughs!!! eek

Sakura- stare Holy cows? Cows are holy?

Wulfy- In some parts of Gaia yes!^_^ blaugh

Sakura- xd Cool. So I guess we wait a week and then perform this spell thingy on little Smok here and then we leave?

Wulfy- Pretty much. We’ll be gone for about 2 months…that ok with you Sakura?

Sakura- Yep. 3nodding What if Tsuki somehow gets a hold of 30K?

Wulfy- She won’t. Remember Sakura? Tsuki doesn’t even have a Gaia account….Or at least not one that I know of…and even if she did somehow get a hold of 30K Once she realizes we’re gone she’s gonna be too pissed to think about my account.^_^

Sakura- This is true….Well I got to go. I’ll see you later. Bye.

Wulfy- BYE!^_^ whee O and Bye to everybody else, I’ll be updating you with little skits until then I go to go study up with this spell book! *Pulls out Tome Summoning book, puts on reading glasses and starts reading*