ginny-sorry people! No tektek avitars this time...sorry i just don't have the time or the patience right now...maybe next time...sorry! sweatdrop Now on with the skit!

Wulfy- HELLO EVERYONE!!!! eek *Tsuki comes out of no where and attacks Wulfy. Wulfy knocks Tsuki off of her and gets up and starts brushing her self off* mad Aren’t I supposed to be the one jumping on people? I am a canine after all. And what the hell is wrong with you Tsuki question

Tsuki- What do you mean “What’s wrong” with me!!!!???? I leave for one second to go drain some pathetic human of their blood supply and the next thing I know you bought back your account!!!! scream gonk

Wulfy- rolleyes stare Exactly MY account. I told you Tsuki before I left that this was your temporary account not permanent.

Tsuki- crying I know but I’ve grown sooo attached to it!!!! Can I PLEASE have it back!?!? gonk

Wulfy- Do you have 30K? cool

Tsuki-…..Well no…but….*starts crying* emo

Wulfy- Well then you can’t have it back. My pack and I are the ones who have been gone for the past year and a half scouring the mountains, forest, towns, and deserts of Gaia looking for Gold for this account. I think I have the right to take it back now. 3nodding

Tsuki- FINE!!!! stare But we’re still friends right? mrgreen

Wulfy- DUH! Wow…that’s scary… neutral

Tsuki- What? confused

Wulfy- I just sounded like a preppy little human….*shivers* burning_eyes rofl So anyway what happened to Hiro?

Tsuki- HN! I never wanna speak to that jackass again!!!!! scream stressed

Wulfy- Wow he must have done something really bad cause last time I was here you were all lovey dovey and saying “We’re gonna last forever and ever!” *flutters eyes all romantic like* rolleyes

Tsuki- Quit being a smart a** Wulfy!!!! stressed ….I thought we where gonna last. *turns around the other way* emo

Sakura- HI WULFY!!!!! blaugh

Wulfy- eek O no…*gets glomped by Sakura* ninja

Sakura- I missed you sssooooo much!!!! whee

Wulfy- I missed you too Sakura, now would you mind getting off of me? sweatdrop xd

Tsuki- Good luck with that. She hasn’t had any chocolate all day… mad

Sakura- TSUKI!!!! I DIDN’T KNOW YOU WHERE HERE!!!! 4laugh

Tsuki- stare Fu-*gets glomped by Sakura* Get off Sakura!!! scream I’m SO not in the mood! *Throws Sakura off of herself. Sakura lands safely on her feet*

Sakura- Huh you must still be ticked off at Hiro. sad

Tsuki- scream *Wulfy and Sakura walk away from Tsuki while whispering*

Wulfy- Touchy subject? sweatdrop

Sakura-You have no idea…. xd

Wulfy- What happened question

Sakura- Long story short you know how Hiro’s a human right? Yeah well when Hiro asked Tsuki to turn him she flipped out…bad. They got in a huge fight didn’t talk for weeks, then Hiro just up’ed and left. Neither me nor Tsuki have seen him since…I think it’s been 3 months now. crying

Wulfy- eek Wow, I missed a lot. They really were a cute couple. 3nodding *Tsuki in background breaking things. Glass shatters* HEY HEY HEY!!!!! gonk Don’t break that! It’s an antique! scream Wulfy runs to stop Tsuki from destroying her house.*

Sakura- xd Ok well I guess it’s really Wulfy’s job to close this but seeing as how she’s busy I’ll do it for her! whee Bye!!!! *thinking: I wonder where Hiro ran off too….*