HELLO MY PEOPLES!!! I'M BACK!!!!!! lol For a long while I let my good friend Tsuki manage my account but now I’m back! What have I been doing? You may ask? Well other than scurrying the mountains for Gold with my pack not much I’m afraid. Lol But as you can see I came back with TONS of it! Ok, so I’m gonna get right down to business. I NEED AVI ART!!! gonk lol And not for the avatar I have currently but for the tektek avatar I made of me!!! ^_^ User Image
Aren’t I adorable!!! ^_^ lol So if you wanna draw me just go to this post>>> http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/chatterbox/draw-me-10k-to-my-favorite/t.53580163_1/

O and on September 15th I’ll pick my favorite piece of art and give the owner 10K!!!^_^ I’d give out more but even though my pack and I brought back a lot of Gold all Gold seems to do is burn a hole in my fur. Lol So if you wanna draw me just visit the forum and either send me a PM with your art or post it directly in the forum!!!

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