Ѧlexander Ӎaxwel

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Played by: QitiAyome
Age: 20
Age turned: 18
Another name: Alex, Ally
Ethnic: French
Race: Oxia
Sex: Male
Powers and Abilities:
Any forms of it. From ice, to mist.
To erecting barriers, or just to provide a cool drink, water is life, and life is everywhere, he is never without a weapon.
Although this is the element, he least uses.

From calling on electricity during thunder storms in the sky, or powering a house as a low cost back up generator, he can store it within his body and use it to help out his attacks.
Metal Molding
He can bend metal to his will, wither it's steel or iron, bronze or gold. It moves like clay, quite handy during metal craft.
Metal Craft
The Piano
Ranged Weapons
Hand to Hand
Marks Men
Siren Song
Shape Shifting:
From his Oxian form, to his human or snake form.
As a young human boy in his village, once he had reached the age of 18, he was considered a man.
He had obtained his own home, and a small portion of land, it was now his duty to help out with the villages income.
He hired the necessary servants and hired someone to looked over the crops that were destined to be his when he came back.
As a 18 year old male, he had to serve at least two years to his country sides guard, and as luck would have it, a month after he existed training, a band of demons and Red Wizards attacked his compost.

The small battle lasted days, and said days turned into weeks, to months.
He was victorious on the battle field, until an arrow was sent into his side, and he collapsed.

When he awoke, he found him self in an under water cavern, with two maidens looking over him.
One a half fox spirit, the other some kind of elf, to light to be a drow, to dark to be a forest or moon elf. They told him what had happened, his compainions did ot see his body since it was covered by the corpse of his enemies, and they could not return him, without being shot down themselves.
Then they explained their own stories.

After a few days of rest, they walked with him as he returned to his post, only to find it deserted, anxious, Alexander then went to his village, only to find it was abandoned as well.

With no where else to go, he knew that his village more than likely fled due to the fear of an up coming battle, and the people were known to be nearly impossible to find once they had gone into hiding, never to return to the same place again until 100 years had passed.
He was a ranger now, but remembered Qit and Sophia's story, turning to them, he begged Sophia to turn him into an Oxia, so that in 100 years, he could see the generations of his family.
Sophia refused, not wanting to be a sire to anyone, this he turned to Qit, who poorly agreed 3 weeks after.