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The lives of the voices in my head.
All my little characters yay!
~~Character Chart~~

Full name: Charon
Reason or meaning of name: The name of the ferryman that takes the dead to Hades. I think he liked it.
Character nickname: None really
Reason for nickname: blaaah
Birth date: hahaha....haha....no.
Gender: He perfers to be Male.

~~Physical Appearance~~

Age: Unknown
How old does he/she appear?: Depends on his mood.
Weight: Um
Height: ...
Body-build: usually pretty thin and lanky.
Eye color: Red
Glasses or contacts?: no
Skin tone: white
Distinguishing marks: a scar through both of his eye's, on hte eyelids and yes, on the actual eyes. Also, constantly fresh wounds on the back of his hands.
Predominant features: His eyes? the scars?
Hair color: Black
Type of hair: about five inches long,
Hair style: very messy
Voice: Doesn't really have one, when he does speak 'himself' it's through a radio, so it's strangely amplified.
Overall attractiveness: depends on who you're into really.
Physical disabilities: Well he looks like he's got enough wounds to be dead already...
Usual fashion of dress: Messy, cut clothes, blood on them usually
Formal wear: I dunno, fresh clothes?
Favorite outfit: ....
Jewelry or accessories: I wouldn't be surprised if he's got piercings in some very strange places... though he has them on his lip and tongue, and well, lower.


Good personality traits:
Bad personality traits:
Mood character is most often in:
Sense of humor:
Character's greatest joy in life:
Character's greatest fear:
Other phobias:
What single event would throw this character's life into complete turmoil?:
Character is most at ease when:
Most ill at ease when:
Enraged when:
Depressed or sad when:
Life philosophy:
If granted one wish it, what would it be?:
Character's soft spot:
Is this soft spot obvious to others?:
Greatest strength:
Greatest vulnerability or weakness:
Biggest regret:
Minor regret:
Biggest accomplishment:
Minor accomplishment:
Past failures he/she would be embarrassed to have other people know about:
Character's darkest secret:
Do others know about it?:
How they deal with stress:


Drives and motivations:
Immediate goals:
Long term goals:
How the character plans to accomplish these goals:
How other characters will be affected:


Type of childhood:
First memory:
Most important childhood memory:
Childhood hero:
Dream job:
Social status:
Where they've travelled to:


~For characters of my book I'll put it for the start of whatever book they first appear in...

Current location:
Currently living with:


Relationship with her:
Relationship with him:
Relationship with them:
Other important family members:


Least favorite color:
Least favorite food:
Form of entertainment:
Mode of transportation:
Most prized possesion:


Plays a musical instrument?:
Plays a sport?:
How he/she would spend a rainy day:
Spending habits:
Other drugs?:
Other bad habits:
What does he/she do too much of?:
What does he/she do too little of?:
Extremely skilled at:
Extremely unskilled at:
Languages spoken:
Nervous tics:
Usual body posture:
Manner of writing:
Manner of speaking:
Manner of walking:
Places in their schooling they excelled at:
Health problems:


Optimistic or pessimistic?:
Introvert or extrovert?:
Daredevil or cautious?:
Logical or emotional?:
Disorderly and messy or methodical and neat?:
Prefers working or relaxing?:
Confident or unsure of self?:
Animal lover?:

~~Self Perception~~

How he/she feels about himself/herself:
One word the character would use to describe self:
One paragraph description of how the character would describe self:
What does the character consider to be his/her best personality trait?:
What does the character consider to be his/her worst personality trait?:
What does the character consider to be his/her best physical characteristic?:
What does the character consider to be his/her worst phsyical characteristic?:
How does the character think others percieve him/her?:
What would the character most like to change about himself/herself?:

~~Relationships with others~~

Opinion of other people in general:
Does the character hide his/her true opinion emotions from people?:
Person character most hates:
Best friend(s):
Love interest(s):
Person character goes to for advice:
Person character feels responsible for or takes care of:
Person character feels shy or awkward around:
Person character openly admires:
Person character secretly admires:
Most important person in characters life before story starts:
After story starts:


What weapons can the character use?:
What is their favourite weapon?:
What typs of weapons do the character prefer?:
Do they know hand to hand?:
Do they like getting into fights?:
Do they fight to kill or just to wound then leave?:


Most commonly used Bio:
Items the character usually has with him/her:
Anything else of interest:

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