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This is getting complicated O.O
Blood Oath: Farewell to all those who were touched by me
Dear Friends and family,
I am afraid that this will be the last thing you well ever hear from Damien Gregory Tylers. I am leaving this world to help a young girl on her mission. Even if I wasn’t helping this girl I wouldn’t be able to stay, I have changed far to much for this world. I am terribly afraid It seems to be that I wouldn’t hurt anyone with my ability. I…

Damien makes a sharp grunt as he flicks the pen in front of him at incredible speeds the pen flies straight and a sharp thud sounds as the pen stabs through the drywall and hit’s a piece of ply wood. As this action was taking place Damien folded his arms on the twelve sheet of paper he used trying to write his goodbye note and then places his head on top of his arms.
Tami sat beside him on the table with her hands in her lap watching him with her red eyes. As Damien grunts a second time Tami moves her hand down toward his head and strokes his hair pushing it up away from his forehead, causing his hair to start to stick up despite it being long shaggy. Damien buries his head deeper into his arms as Tami’s voice rings as she asks, “Damien would you like for me to write the letter for you?” Damien turns his head looking up at the girl with his deep green eyes in a searching way. Probably to see if the young innocent girl was messing with his head again like she usually does, but to his surprise the look on the face was completely sincere. He sits up slowly as he balls up his note and tosses it into the purple trashcan directly behind him in his small apartment.
Tami gently pulls the pen from the wall as she reaches for a sheet of paper and then slides slowly off the table looking at the paper as her white hair falls forward around her body like a thin veil before she begins to write on the sheet of paper.
She places the pen to the paper and begins to write, her script small and elegant with excessive detail. As she scribbles smoothly on the page.
Dear Family and Friends of Damien Gregory Tylers
Damien has decided to leave you to assist a young girl on her journey. He has been given permission from the parents of the child to take this journey with their daughter. Please understand that Damien is doing the family a great service and it is greatly appreciated in the community where the young girl lives. So please, please forgive Damien for leaving on such short notice but this deed must be done. He wishes that he could have said good bye to every single one of you but seeing that is hard to do on such short notice he apologies.
Sincerely Thankful,

Tami hands the paper to Damien after she finished the letter and Damien reads the letter and looks up at Tami, “Why do you have to be so much better than me?” he ask with a smirk. In return Tami gave a wide smile as Damien stands and pins the letter to the front of his door and then walks over to the small girl and stood there looking at her calmly as he shifts his weight over his right foot still wearing his black button up shirt and jeans as he simple stands there waiting as the girl stood up from the table and walks toward him.
Tami glides past the open door that had been opened by Damien as they travel toward the woods behind the apartment building where Damien lived. They stop in front of the woods on the edge of the concrete staring at the darkened wood. A small tear forms on Tami’s eyes as the smoldering ashes cascade to the ground. “Its dying.” she mutters softly as Damien leads her into the woods. “Which means that we need to more faster.” he mutters taking her up in his arms as she rest her head against his chest. He smiles to her as he kicks off the ground and everything blurs around them as he sprints into the charred woods.
The burnt woods smears into black all around them as the sun disappears from above them the earring on Damien glows softly as the blues and greens mix and twirl. The black soon turns a dark navy as the sky opens up above them the trees around them become distinct as they enter the realm of Aeterniti.
The sky was a dark purple that stretch vastly above them as Damien slows down pausing only to let Tami stand in her home. The trees around her are dormant as this land is still residing in winter, as it will till Tami does what she is destined to do. The black branches outlined by the purple give no comfort to Damien as he stares at what used to be his blue sky. He falls to his knees staring up, as his mind tries to wrap around the fact that he would never be able to return home. He clutches his head in his hands as he looks around frantically.
Tami finally lays a hand on his shoulder as he wraps her into his arms and began to sob. As the realization that he was never going back stuck out bold and hard in his head. “It will be okay, we both can never see our loved ones ever again. I’m sorry this fate has befell to you.” Tami says softly in his ear as Damien chokes on a sob. This little girl who has barely lived is comforting him, of all people? The man who is so worried about his own problems that he forgotten why he came here. To show such selfishness in front of this small girl made him sick to his stomach as once again he stands and looks up at the moonless sky. “Lets continue please.” he says softly as he takes the girls hand and wipes away his own tears. The girl smiles as she leads him through the forest.

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