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Sakura, a young girl about 17 years of age, had a horse with her. The horses name was Midnight. Sakura absolutely loved her horse, she's had her since Sakura was only 10 years of age. Midnight was a black horse, with a white mane and white hoofs, Very rarely she was ever scared... but when she was, there was always a pretty good reason for it.

Sakura stopped her long journey by a small river to let Midnight get a drink of water while Sakura started to clean midnight. "It's a beautiful night outside, isn't it Midnight?" Sakura smiled while she talked to her horse. Midnight looked up and kind of pushed Sakura just to show her she was agreeing. Sakura laughed, "do you want some food too?" Again, Midnight pushed Sakura. Sakura giggled, "Okay, stay here, let me go and get you something."

Sakura started to wonder a little bit searching for food, but she didn't go far from Midnight. "Now... where in this darn place can you find something to eat?" Sakura asked herself. All of the sudden, she heard something rattle in the bushes. Sakura froze up... she couldn't move.. she couldn't even speak she was so scared.

All of the sudden, Midnight comes out of nowhere and stands in front of her and sneers. "what's wrong midnight?" Sakura asks, of course she is still scared... she has no idea what's in the bushes... All of the sudden, a little black fox comes out and mews at Sakura. "Ohh, look at the baby fox!" Sakura basically screams. Midnight looks at Sakura as if she's crazy. "what, Midnight? It's a poor baby fox... you can't hurt it.. it won't hurt you.. look at it." Midnight pushed Sakura just a little, the baby fox ran to Sakura and jumped in her arms. "well, aren't you a cute one?" Sakura giggled, "What should we name...." Sakura pauses, "Him?" She asked Midnight.

The little black fox had a star on its forehead and it looked like it's been injured... but Sakura wasn't completely sure yet... she was too busy trying to figure out what to name him.
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