A fond smile crept upon ten-year-old Link's face as he gazed upon Hyrule Field atop his trusty steed, Epona. He breathed in the fresh air and paused for a moment to take in the beauty of Hyrule. It was good to be home. Termina was beautiful, but there was something it lacked. A beautiful, young princess. Link's smile grew wider when he thought of his friend, Princess Zelda. He hadn't seen her for a number of months, and he was very eager to return to her. Suddenly he noticed a small figure near the draw bridge of Hyrule Castle. Squinting his eyes, he could barely make out blonde hair and a pink dress.

"Zelda!" he exclaimed, excited. He instructed Epona to go, and she did. She went galloping towards the castle.

Meanwhile, Zelda was stooped low, picking a flower. Suddenly the sound of horse hooves caught her ear. She turned and then gasped in delight. Link, her best friend, had returned from his journey!

As soon as Link was close enough, he flung off Epona and ran to Princess Zelda. "Zelda!" he exclaimed joyfully, embracing the girl. "I've missed you so much!"

As Zelda hugged Link, a small tear of joy rolled down her cheek. "Oh, Link!" she exclaimed. "I missed you, too! Ever since you left I've been thinking of you. I'm so glad you've returned!"

Link pulled back from the hug and gazed at the princess. "My eyes are so relieved to gaze upon someone as beautiful as you," he told her.

Zelda blushed. "Oh, stop," she said, holding back a snicker. "I bet you met lots of pretty girls."

Link shook his head proudly. "Nope, none like you," he replied, grinning. Then he leaned over and planted soft kiss on the girl's forehead.

Zelda stepped back in embarrassment. "What have they taught you in Termina, I wonder?" she said, shaking her head.

"It's so nice to be home, best friend," Link told her, ignoring that last remark.

Princess Zelda smiled. "I'm glad you're home. C'mon, let's go play in the garden."

The two walked into Castle Town, forgetting all about Epona. Malon was outraged when she found the horse abandoned, though she was curious as to what had happened.