I hope everyone is having fun at camp. You can find me in the science camp. I belong to the quantum bunker. Today we will look at August's birthstone, the peridot.

The peridot is lots of times connected to nature. Egyptians called them the gem of the sun. Early miners looked for it at night. They thought that moonlight made it easier to find. Legend says that it was a favorite of Cleopatra. It was also used in the breastplates of Jewish high priest. It is thought to protect against negativity and can be used as a tonic for the whole body. One legend says that drinking medicine from a cup made of it helps the medicine work better. Some places used such cups in rituals. Egyptian priest drank Soma from them thinking that it would draw them closer to Iris. It is said to protect against evil and when put together with gold it is suppose to protect against night terrors.