Name:Aeon Reiger


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Aeon Reiger grew up with cruel parents, his mother a member of an Elvin tribe and his father a traveler/mage. His father was a cruel man, he use to believe Aeon was useless because he was born blind though his father still put him through painful training to become a magic user but all Aeon enjoyed was telekineses. His mother a former swords woman in her tribe, she was the type that was strict and cool but at times she would become like his father. He learned the ways of swordsmanship and also learned other ways to use his blade from other masters. He grew into a great young man and left his home off to make his own life and on his path he came along a blade that possessed a power that enhanced his own also the forte of the blade was to grant the user amazing speed. He touched the blade and the powers became embedded within him, and the blade creating a bond so that only he may wield the blade. With that discovery he made his way using his knowledge of battle and magic along with his new found speed ablilties, to survive and make a way to his goal.