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let the world be drenched in flames
teh feilds.....
well....iits 2:30, no ones online and people (*ahem maggie*) wanted me to finish even though i was a TAD freaked out by the now 90 previous journal views...(wtf). anyway here goes: getting out of the house is usually the hardest part. or at least the most nerve-racking in my case. however sadie's mom was passed out in her room a cig smoldering in the ashtray. it would be a good 7 hours before that thing even moved again >.>, we slipped out and as usual the cold air greeted us harshly. out of the corner of my eye i saw rose pull her skirt up just a bit. chuckling to myself i started int eh general direction. however about 10 feet from the house there was a break n the trees. almost unnoticeable if you weren't looking. and if it was your first time going through it you would probably just end up confused and frustrated. (trust me on that one i know). the break didn't actually lead anywhere. it was just to throw anyone or anything following us hopefully off our trail. just a precaution. after it opened it to another feild we took a sharp left hugging the edge of the trail. i remember distinctly hearing a hawk screech as it does when its caught something. somehow i remember this catching me on edge.looking back i saw sadies gaze drooping and rose had started texting. i sighed and snatched the phone away. depositing it in my jacket pocket. we reached the edge of the feilds t this point. about 400 meters away you could spot a dark oval in the trees that led easily into the field rows. skirting away from the wheat (wheat feilds are always filled with snakes more than any other, especially at night). i let rose go through first then sadie. taking the lead again once we had all landed in the field. i motioned as usual for rose and sadie to sit and be quiet while i checked the spot. the reason being that they were by the trees, a good hiding spot and that i could run faster....i stepped quietly over broken stalks toward the center of the field. unnoticeable from the completely flat bare ground and fields around it. peeking through a few rows i saw a figure sitting upon the heavy quilt and broken stalks. it was a medium sized male. short cropped hair, and large hands supporting his head as he looked up. smiling i recognized him instantly. slowly creeping forward i tackled him. punching him to the ground and rolling backwards away until i sat again across from him on the quilt. "hey chad, miss me?" i said grinning at him. he smiled back still rubbing his back. "yea sure, shan-... what do i call you now? you punched me last time..." he said fretfully in a low tone. i rolled my eyes and motioned him to hand me his phone. i flipped open rose's too and help them up over the stalks to sadie until i saw her cell light flash back to me from their direction. handing him his phone back i said simple "thorn, not shannon not spazz, thorn, god how many times have i told you this..." i turned as i heard sadie and rose walking toward us. they sat down wearily on the quilt. then nearly jumped out of their skin when chad spoke in his annoying-creepy voice "there you are my pretties muahaha" he was cut short my sadies cell right in his temple. as you can tell, violence is the answer to everything! heh heh jk anyway back to what i was saying. i;ll write more another time im too literate and this is too long

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