So I came up with this really stupid idea the other day. It's of a Full House spoof where there are a bunch of different characters from different games, those of you who know me know that there will be Pokemon/Sonic characters in this, and it's pretty much a comedy to be honest. I decided on a few characters that have never appeared in any of my stories, and of some that have more than once. I'll give you pictures of them. (CHANGED A CHARACTER!!)

Shadow the Hedgehog: Owner of the mansion and BAMF.
User Image "My house. My rules. Do as I say, or gtfo."

Charmy the Bee: Simply lives in the mansion, a BEE, and NotSoBAMF.
User Image "I get to live in a mansion!?"

Lucario: Lives in mansion, feels he has authority, and BAMF.
User Image "You think you're so hawt, Shadow!?"

Mudkip and Treeko: "Because what would a party BEE without Mukipz?" "You are so ghey..." Live in mansion. NotSoBAMFs.
User Image "Stop being a party pooper!" "Leave. Me. Alone!"

Koops: No one really knows or cares who the hell you are. Lives in mansion. NotSoBAMF.
User Image "I mean... It's not like I have anything to lose..." (YOU ARE MADE OUT OF FREAKING PAPER, OF COURSE YOU DON'T!!)

Riku: Fair share of dumbass attacks. Lives in the house, and sure... BAMF.
User Image "I'll get you this time, you stupid bee..."

There'll occasionally be guest characters or Blast characters. I'm hoping that this will be one of my funnier stories. It's not even a story, it's a spoof comedy. I'm looking forward to it. xD It should be in this journal, because to tell you peeps the truth, I'm thinking about moving Sync 2 over to Ixis_Muugen's journal. This is, of course, after I finish Sync 1... which is ANOTHER strong consideration before I get back to Sync 2. I'll let you guys in on a little treat also... You get to see how it all starts! (Next entry.)