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~~Ancient Growth Forest~~
[Safiri and Kutzu have reached the Ancient Growth Forest. It seems to have already died... Trees have fallen, branches are strewn about, the color has literally been drained from the forest. All hope looks as it were lost.]
Safiri: Oh no... [Scanning around.] This can't be happening...
Kutzu: The forest... Will we be able to restore it?
Safiri: I hope so. We need to find everyone for that though.
Kutzu: Like, that shouldn't be too tough. Everyone else's aim was totally to come here too, I bet.
Safiri: Good point. Let's get moving, maybe we'll get lucky right away.
[They begin through the dead forest.]
Safiri: (Kutzu and I make a good team. If we find Chris first, it'll be really cool! We could be a trio!)
Kutzu: ...Safiri, I'm totally sure we just had the same thought.
Safiri: About finding Chris?
Kutzu: Mhmm! That, and we totally rule as a team!
Safiri: Got that right!
[Just then, a figure swoops from the bushes, rushed and impulsive.]
Gruff, Powerful Voice: Hmph!! [Rushes in front of Kutzu and Safiri, startling them.] Ah-ha!!
Kutzu & Safiri: Ahhh!!!!
Gruff, Powerful Voice: Hm!? [Notices the two...] ...Oh, I... I am mistaken.
Safiri: Huh? [Looks closely at the other's features. He is a unique, Safan ram, just like Jatenn and Collon described.]
--B L A Z E L O R D--
Blazelord: Forgive me. I had thought you were someone else. My name is Blazelord, Aries Avenger.
Kutzu: [Gasps.] Oh, we heard about you! We were keeping an eye out for you, Blazelord!
Blazelord: Is that so? Who exactly are you two?
Safiri: My name is Safiri.
Kutzu: And I'm Kutzu!
Safiri: We're both Eclipses.
Blazelord: By the gods, Eclipses! Safiri, I did not recognize you with the new... look... And Kutzu, I assume, is from elsewhere?
Kutzu: That's right, I'm from Soren.
Blazelord: This is convenient. Would you two mind assisting me?
Safiri: Are you looking for Darkness?
Blazelord: Yes, I am.
Safiri: Then we'll help! We were doing the same.
Blazelord: Convenience, convenience! Well then, shall we get going?
Kutzu: Totally!
[Without hesitation and with Blazelord leading, they continue on, dashing deeper into the forest.]
Blazelord: [He speaks to the two as they walk through the dying forest.] So, I believe you two are aware of the growing tensions.
Kutzu: Totally well aware... Darkness must be all over by now.
Safiri: After all, they're still here... They're everywhere, like some plague.
Blazelord: Aye, that is Darkness. They spread like a disease, harnessing the energy of the worlds as if they were toys to be played with... The fiends. Even more troubling, the Overlord of Misery has begun creating new Nightmares.. The Gray-Eyed Menaces.
Safiri: Oh, we saw one! It took the form... of us, I think...
Blazelord: Aye, precisely. They have been known to do such a thing. Taking the forms of others... even two to three persons combined. Naught can create living from the dead... Though, us Starsign Avengers, with the addition of the Phaze Guardians, have sought through his plot. These Gray creatures possess hearts, minds, and souls seeing Naught as their master... Though, these creatures are not controlled in any way. There is a way to bring them to the Light...
[At this moment, Kutzu and Safiri stare at each other.]
Kutzu: Like, we totally tried that!
Safiri: So it can be done, but it takes a little more than just asking.
Blazelord: Aye.

[All is quiet... The atmosphere has suddenly changed drastically.]
[Satic. The world freezes.]
"Blast has abandoned this world... It has become an empty oblivion with nothing but memories of those who lived here... It has become formless energy..."
"I'm not finished with this forgotten world. The memories that it has become are no world in which one can live... But it is a world that can haunt one's mind..."
"And through that, this world of nothingness may exist once more... All of the unfortunate beings must be eliminated for good, so that they may be put out of their eternally lost misery... so that they may die the truest way possible."
"Cruce, a terrible wake of adventures awaits you."
This is the introduction to Phrenic Sync! =3 It's my break from all the stories I'm doing... I know, Hymn just began... But us writers gotta have fun with stuff like this from time to time.

Just a warning, Phrenic Sync is kinda sad... and a little "Whoa... o.O;"