for others to know the pain that i feel would be they would understand why i act the way i do when i do what i do......the sad thing is that most people don't give a s**t about anybody but bear witness to ones faults is one thing but to not help them when they need it most is completely another.......people piss me off with some of the s**t that they pull.....i'm about ready to just say ******** the whole human race just hurt or kill them all as they do not deserve to live.......they hurt they steal and they lie......they also kill each other which i think is wrong to a certain for those who follow the government i show a stronger hate and resentment for them than anybody else......i am sick of being nice to people now i'm just going all out to hurt them or possibly maybe even worse so don't even think about getting on my bad side unless you want this to happen to you ^_^