Kodan, The God of Chaos
Age: Unknown
Race: Silican God, White
Finisher Technique/Trump Card: None

The Essence of Evil among Silicans, and the Devil of Silicus, Kodan is Zyon's Brother, and the God of Chaos.
Kodan believes that all evil deeds will bring all great rewards, such as power, and strength.
Like Zyon, he also was not born a God. He showed his worth to the Gods a little later than Zyon, and was given the Title God of Chaos about a Year after Zyon became a God.
Many Silicans that still believe Kodan to be the destroyer of Silicus. This is not true - The destroyers of Silicus are another source...
Syther blames Kodan for many of the painful things that happened to him like Losing his planet, wife and son.
He knows what the essence of Evil is, and does anything to obtain power. He tortures the souls of the Innocent Silicans that were killed after the Planet's destruction, seeking power from each one.
From the darkness, even the little darkness, that lies in a few Silican's hearts, he created a darker being than Zyon did with Syther, called Rizieliseida. A creature, that is supposed to match and surpass all of Syther's capabilities. Including his Zinjutsu...

There are no fun facts about Kodan.