Zyon, The God of Peace
Age: Unknown
Race: Silican God, White
Finisher Technique/Trump Card: None

The Powerful Creator of the late Planet Silicus, and God of Peace.
Zyon believes in all that is good, and self-saticfactory is all the reward he needs.
He wasn't born a God, but he was born in the Immortal Kingdom.
He showed exceptional strength, and power, which was brought the the Gods attention. He proved himself worthy, and was given the will of the Gods. Because he believed in good things, he was given the title of God of Peace.
He's believed to be one of the most powerful Gods alive.
Shortly after, his brother, Kodan, was crowned as the God of Chaos.
After 300 Years, he created Silicus. The Silicans were a peaceful race, just like his soul... most of the time.
Kodan was known as the Silican Devil, just as Zyon the Silican God. Some of the Silicans believed in Zyon, others in Kodan.
But all Silicans knew they both existed.
Zyon wanted to make a perfect Silican, an "Expirimental God" behind the wills of the other Gods.
He called this Experiment "Sytheriseida", or "Light of Silicus"
The Experiment was designed to be an Immortal and Powerful God, that was supposed to have the most peaceful of hearts, that could protect Silicus and Gods alike.
He implaced part of his own DNA into the project, but Kodan interfered with it.
When the Project was released, Syther was born and succeeded as the Successor of Zinjutsu.
When Silicus was destroyed, Syther and roughly 5000 other Silicans were spread across the Universe.
Syther is a kind of Vessel, for Zyon to appear in Silican Form.
Syther can be taken over at any time by Zyon, and when this happens, Zyon unleashes Syther's inner God, and uses it's powers. Although, Syther has only ever been taken over by Zyon twice in his life, he could do it at any time, and any place.
Syther greatly disrepsects both Zyon and Kodan, and holds grudges against them both.
Syther holds his grudge against Zyon, for the death of his race, when he believed he had a chance of saving them.
When Zyon's voice is heard, many can mistake him as a bad God, but his intentions were everything but evil.
He is The God of Peace.

Fun Facts:
Zyon likes to listen to calm music

Zyon likes Coconuts

Zyon loves the Human Sport of Bowling, and plays it reguarly in the Immortal Kingdom