Kyris Dragonheart
Age: 17
Race: 25% Human, 75% Silican, White
Finisher Technique/Trump Card: Silver Shockwave

Kyris Dragonheart is the son of Syther and Crucian, born 1249 and died 1266.
Kyris was a gifted child, in both Combat, and the ways of Zinjutsu.
The problem with him was that he was too arrogant for his own good.
Kyris was always getting himself into trouble, from Early Childhood, even coming into Adulthood.
When Kyris was born, both Syther and Crucian loved him dearly, and too all risks to protect him.
Kyris was a good guy, and a good kid.
Even when he was causing a little mischief, getting himself into trouble, and constantly getting scolded by Syther and Crucian, he always found himself on the right path.
When Kyris was a child, he had a friend called Nega, who was a little older than him, but they played together allot.
Nega turned against Kyris, after he found the Secret to Immortality, and Kyris tried to stop him.
Although Kyris was overwealmed, he managed to defeat him after transforming into a Super Silican for the first time, because Syther and Crucian's lives were in danger.
After Crucian died, Syther took Kyris, and disappeared. When he was 17, the two of them had to fight Shadowfiends.
Kyris was killed by them in front of Syther's eyes, horrifying him.
The reason that Syther had not killed them quickly, is because Shadowfiends have a paralyze screech, that paralyzes all that surroundes them, even if it were a fly.
The Soundwave paralyzed both of them, and they killed Kyris, which caused Syther's energy to break the Paralyze barrier, and kill them all quickly.
He burnt Kyris' Body with the Silican Flame, then continued Wandering, with barely an Emotion...

Fun Facts
Kyris loves to fight, and hates to lose, so is always getting stronger

Kyris can decently cook, and is good with languages

Kyris loves to wear Sunglasses that he crafts by hand

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