Crucian Dragonheart
Age: Unknown (Looks about 21)
Race: Half-Human, Half-Silican, White
Finisher Technique/Trump Card: Spirit Dance

The deceased Wife of Syther, who was decapitated during the Old War in 1247.
Crucian was Syther's world once, who he vowed to protect, but failed.
When Crucian was 13, there was an arranged marriage between her and a boy called Volcan, who was 16 at the time, son of Alron, a General of the Southern Military.
When Crucian turned 16, she was forcibly married to Volcan, who was now a General at War, replacing Alron, who had passed away.
Crucian and Volcan had three children together, whom Crucian loved very much, but feared her bruteful Husband.
During the times of war, Crucian was forcibly sent out to the battlefield with no battle experience, because Volcan ordered it.
Syther at the time was passing the War-Terrain, and caught eye on Crucian in trouble. He protected her for many months, and the two of them ended falling in Love.
Crucian was planning to leave Volcan, and take the children and wander with Syther, but when Volcan found out Crucian was with Syther, he murdered the children first.
A year afterwards, Syther proposed to Crucian, who accepted to be his wife, which caused Divorce between her and Volcan, and a another Year later, Crucian gave birth to a baby boy, Kyris.
Volcan wasn't finished during this, though. The War enraged even further, under his command, and he captured Crucian and decapitated her. After showing his army her head, Syther was in the crowed, trying to reescue Crucian, he saw what had happened to her. He was enraged, and slaughted everyone on the battlefield, weather it be friend or foe, his anger was so terrible, even Volcan was scared. No matter how much Volcan tried to run, Syther caught up with him, and slowly, and painfully killed him.
Afterwhich, he burnt Crucian's body with Spirit Fire, the peaceful fire of Silicus.
Syther took Kyris and disappeared, and tried protecting Kyris as well, but he failed as he was taken from him and slaughted before his eyes.
Syther continued his wandererings, alone, vowing never to fall in Love again, to protect those people.
This is his "Oath"...

Fun Facts:
Crucian is an excellent Singer, but no matter how hard she tries, she can't get Syther to learn.

Crucian loves to cook, but loves trying other's people's cooking.

Crucian learnt how to fight from Syther.

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