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Created by Sytheriseida, The Wandering Peacekeeper | Art by Camui_Erienne, the Nyappy Go Lucky Association Founder | | | Note: The character information is fictional, it's designed to be like a "Character Profiles" as if it were for a Roleplay. It isn't by the way, it's just as if it were. Please enjoy.
Sytheriseida Dragonheart
Sytheriseida A. Dragonheart (Syther)
Age: Unknown (Looks about 24)
Race: Silican, White
Finisher Technique/Trump Card: Silicus Infinite
Other Names: Swiftis Gladius

Sytheriseida Dragonheart (Syther for short) is a Wandering Swordsman, seeking people in need of help with personal problems. He talks with them, and tries over a period of time to help them, and doesn't give up until the job is finished.
He's called The Wandering Peacekeeper. He isn't famous, or known. He Wanders with no end, though forests, deserts, and seas. His Race, the Silicans, were wiped out long ago, and very few of them remain. He both searches for them, and tries to help as many people as he can.
He is a Master of Languages and Fighting Styles such as Martial Arts, Wrestling, Boxing, Kickboxing and Street Fighting, and a master of Weapons Fighting such as Swordsmanship, Gunplay, Spears, Axes, Lances, Hammers, Nunchucks, the Ball and Chain and many others.
His main fighting Style is the Legendary Silican Style called Zinjutsu, which allows one to move faster than Gods themselves.
Syther is the only one to ever Master it's skills, and it's secrets.
Syther is exceptionally strong, but not invincible.
He holds a cross-shaped scar across his cheek, and a long battle scar across his chest.
The scar on his cheek he inflicted himself, so it could give him a reminder that when his work is done, the scar will either be a sign of "Heroism" or "Shame".
If it's a sign of "Heroism", he went through his work until the end, not giving up, not losing hope.
If it's a sign of "Shame", he did only part, or none of his work, or gave up and lost hope, and abandoned his client, therefore marking him a coward.
The scar on his chest was inflicted by his Adopted Son, and Rival, Kadeko.
Before Syther was born, he was an "Experimental God" of Zyon, The God of Peace, and creator of the Planet Silicus.
Zyon was trying to create the "Perfect" Silican, to protect everyone else. Zyon implaced part of his DNA into Syther, but Kodan, The God of Chaos interefered with this "Experiment". Kodan also put part of his DNA into Syther, giving him a dark side. Syther is a Demi-God.
He holds a dark Anger, that unleashes his dark power...

Fun Facts:
Sytheriseida means "Light of Silicus", and Syther means "Light".

Syther is a great Dancer, but he cannot sing.

Syther is a fan of the Rick-Roll.

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Kris O-O
Community Member

Tue Dec 01, 2009 @ 03:22am

...Kinda late but, I've never looked at your journal until now. These character profiles are awesome, bro. User Image

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