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Personality: Alex is a quiet and shy girl when you first meet her, but once she opens up to you she tells you of her hardships and her life. Once you have gotten her to open up her doors, she has a kind warm heart. On the other hand if you bring a bad vibe to her she is sure to show you that she isnt too fond of you. She always analyses things before she acts upon them. In hopes that she doesnt hurt anyone. This is one of her flaws because she worries so much about how other people are she would hurt herself to please others. Her best friend is her voo doo doll who she has imprisiond a sould into. She likes to listen to music depending on her mood. Her main bands are Linkin park, Evanescence, and Breaking Benjamine. Alex likes reading and is always found with her nose in a chiller or fantasy book. She enjoys the simple things in life like sitting out and watching the lightning (she loves to do that), sitting on the beach watching the sunset go down, or just listening to the rain fall.

Race: Depends on the Rp