Things are not going well at the moment. My mums fiance, Don, was in a terrible accident here in Colorado on Sunday night.
We flew over on monday because he is critical in hospital.

He was parked in the hardshoulder on his motorbike as another biker was fixing her rain gear which was loose when an RV skidded in and hit him, dragging him 540 feet.

He broke his jaw and pelvic bones, his ribs, and has swelling to both sides of his brain

They amputated below the knee, the way he was actually destroyed his leg..ripped it apart and such, the only part left below the knee was some of the inside of his leg, which they used to wrap around and attach ligiments and such so he didnt have to loose above the knee. Theyre still watching it though, if it gets infected they will have to amputate higher.

He had an operation to repair his pelvic bone and his jaw last night which both went very well. They used a metal plate in his jaw to fix it.

They were trying to fix the hole in his head but they will have to prepare that and have a skin graph done in a few weeks. Can actually see the skull, so can really tell him how thick headed he is icon_smile.gif

The hospital is considering him a miracle. They were expecting him to be Dead on arrival, but he showed vitals. He was snoring today icon_smile.gif it made me smile, it could be wishful hoping, all I can do it pray and be there for my mum.

Also, its been a ******** disaster!!! Luggage didnt get here until late yesterday, which was a pain, then the fricken basement flooded, then we found out theres no flood insurance!!!

But the biker community here is amazing, they took me to walmart to get clean clothes and food until our luggage arrived, wouldnt let me pay! Then a few of them have been around working on the basement and cleaning everything. They bring us dinners every day, and they have a fund going collecting money to help support my mum and don for bills and such

She isnt doing to good but she's holding together. Don's son has medical proxy and gets to decide on everything and deal with all the paper work and such and Don's ex wife came along to support him but it is causing conflict. Mam's tryin her best though, she's holding together but everything seems to be going wrong for her