• Hello Ladies and Gents.

      • How long has it been since my last post in my journal? Three months? Yes, that sounds about right.

        Well, there have been several developments with my enlistment into the United States Marine Corps.

      • First of all... 8D I did enlist. June Second of the year Two-Thousand and Nine.
        FRLGHLMSKEG. sh*tSON.
      • Secondly, I am actually leaving to Recruit Training rather soon.
        lolwut. NOOOOOO! WHHHYY!?
      • I leave on August twenty-fourth, yo'! 8D sh*t, I can't wait.

        Just a little over a month before I leave this hell-hole called home. [:

      • Oh, sh*t.
        I nearly forgot.
        My birthday is coming up.
        Yeah, boi.
        Gonna be EIGHTEEEEN.
        LEGAL, YO'.

      • Ahhh. I wonder what I'm doing on my birthday. Haha. Is it sad that I have nothing planned for the day I become and adult? Nah, I don't think so. Well, yes.
        My birthday is on August Nineteenth, for those of you who are reading this and care. -shrugs-
        Then, just FIVE days later.
        I'm on a plane heading for MCRD Parris Island, South Carolina for Recruit Training.
        Oh, damn.
        It is going to be absolutely amazing.
        I cannot wait.
        The days are just slooooowly, creeping by.