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whats going on...
My life with Asperger syndrome
At frist I was told that I had ADHD when I was 9 or 10. But as time moved on I went to the dr.'s for a check up in the summer of 07 (Before I started 8th grade) my mom told the dr. that I might not have ADHD the the dr. said he thought so too. He said that I might have Aspergers. When I got home I went up to my room and played on my laptop. the I went to church. Thats when I kicked a chair and started to cry. The people that were there for youth group saw that and asked me whats worng I told them that I maynot have ADHD but something else called "Asbuger" I was upset I wanted to know why I wasn't told sooner. I didn't let my mom and dad see that I was upset but when school started up I had to tell my friends that I didn't have ADHD but A.S.

It took along time for me to tell my friends that I have A.S when I did. Josh made fun of my. He gave me a buger and said "you put buger's up your ass. No wonder you have Asbuger." I was so upset that my friend Wesley told Josh not to do that. But he kept on doing it. I wasn't happy about going to lunch and seeing Josh. The he told a guy known as A.J and they both started to say that to me. I rember on day we had No talking lunch and Josh put a buger on my tray and said "put up your ass." I took the buger and though it at him. Got in truble with that but Josh didn't make fun of me after that.

It was almost summer when I got into Twilight. I was reading them like crazy. When I went to the beach I took my new moon and eclipe book and I wanted Bearking dawn. I said to my dad, when we were at the beach, I needed something to read. He and a friend of his took me to a walmart and I went to the book's and got the Breaking Dawn book. I begane to read it like crazy and didn't finsh it until two weeks later.

When school of 09 started I kept on thinking that the people around me where talking about me. It wan't until three weeks later that I had to chang what classes I had because I need to be in band in 5th hour on 1st hour. So I hand c lunch and I didn't have any friends. Abunch of loughd mouth balck girls kept picking on me. I kept moving away and I didn't want to be bug I met Chase and Mat, two very nice 12 graders, when I moved to there table.

Every now and thing I hear some one saying things about A.S. I think I'll talk to the Light Counler about getting someone to talk to the people who go to my school about people with A.S, ADHD, ADD *that's not ADS* and other things so that people wont be made fun of anymore.

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