Hi there all!
Well, this is my first entry at the Journal, so here i come xD...

I'm currently questing for 1,000,000 Gold and in my signature is the current tray, please help me with anything you want, everything will be a nice help!

Ok, now the Donators List.

Donators List:
• !d!ot Amer!ca She donated to me 150k(150,000 Gold) Thank You Very Much! =')
• iZanzu Donated to me 4k(4,000 Gold) Thanks!!! =)
• Kid Sonic Donated Gimpi(About 140k{140,000 Gold}), Fallen Wish(About 260k{260,000 Gold}) and 2 Patch Kids Buddy Thanks!!!!!!!!!! =DDDDD
• imma_t-rex rawr Donated 2.5k(2,500 Gold) Thanks! ;3
• Crazy Straw donated 200k(200,000 Gold) THANK YOU!!! biggrin
• Hanabechan donated 2k(2,000 Gold) Thanks! c:
• !d!ot Amer!ca donated 300k(300,000 Gold) THANKS!!!!! I F*CKING LOVE YOU heart
Donators are loved!