Name Here: Pain Shintake<Death Handler>
<Organization: none | Do not start with Organization>

Age: <19>
Birth date: &lt;???&gt;
Gender: <Male>
Height: 6'10

Race: <human>
Nationality: <Japanese>
Original Eye Color: <red>

<<<Image Here>>>

Nindo: <Death gets closer each day so i avoid that>
Behavior: <Bad a**/Calm>
Personality: <stays calm at all times and keeps quiet about his past>

Village: <mist>
Rank: <genin>
Shinobi Profession: None
Ninja Class: Ninjutsu Class

█ Battle Info █

Demon: Kyuubi
Current Demon Stage: stage 1

Properties biggrin escription:
The Nine-Tailed Demon Fox is one of, if not the, most powerful of the tailed beasts. Its power is such that it is regarded as an age-old natural disaster, as a single swipe of one of its nine tails is enough to raise tsunamis and flatten mountains. The demon fox's attacks were seemingly random, the only apparent reason for its appearances being its attraction to places of human malice. It attacked Konohagakure twelve years before the start of the series.

If user continues to use this demon in stage 2 the effect of it will burn away there body and shorten there life cause of the constant healing.

In the beginning Naruto was able to draw on the Kyuubi's chakra in times of heightened emotional distress and anger. After training with Jiraiya, Naruto was able to learn to draw on the Kyuubi's chakra at will. This chakra allows Naruto to use jutsu beyond his normal ability range, such as summoning Gamabunta.

When Kyuubi enhanced in his normal form, the swirling red chakra can deflect incoming attacks. When in his tailed form, his body is encased in a red fox aura generated by the Kyuubi inside him. Though the chakra will appear to protect him from outside harm, it is constantly damaging his body. It destroys the cells and then later regenerates them. At higher levels of Kyuubi chakra concentration, such as in the four-tails state, the chakra itself becomes poison to outside touch. Should flesh touch the burning Kyuubi form, it will be burned and poisoned by the chakra. Simple medical healing alone will not heal the wound.

The Kyuubi chakra in his tailed form can be used offensively. Naruto can extend this chakra into arms which can grab and strike at his opponents. These deadly limbs are near unpredictable and can extend far away from his central body. From his four-tailed form, this attack becomes even more refined. He is able to strike quick and if his main body gets hit, it can melt away allowing him to attack from another angle. He can also release this deadly chakra in massive bursts, destroying everything around it outwards spherically. In one of his deadliest attacks, he can swallow a mixture of the dark Kyuubi chakra and his own blood and then fire the chakra in a huge blast.

Levels of Demon:
Stage 1
After the Kyuubi was placed into his body, three facial markings appeared on whomever cheeks. When Naruto gets very angry and his uncontrolled Kyuubi power leaks out, the whiskers grow in size and become more feral looking. His eyes also turn from blue to red. His teeth and fingernails also grow longer and sharper.
The first Kyuubi form revealed in the series, this form grants Naruto some measure of Kyuubi's chakra. This form typically emerges when Naruto becomes enraged. His whiskers turn more feral and his eyes turn red. His hair becomes bushy, his incisors grow longer and his fingernails grow sharp. In this form he is surrounded in the Kyuubi chakra and is able to move more quickly, use more chakra draining jutsu, heal his body faster and strike with more force.

Stage 2
The Kyuubi grants host even more power than before, causing the red chakra surrounding their to boil and bubble and take on the shape of a fox with long ears and a tail. This chakra is not bound to host body, being able to move and extend in as striking limbs. Though the host remains conscious in this state, the chakra can seemingly react of its own will. In this state the chakra will also act as a defense against incoming attacks.
When entering the two-tail state, the host becomes even more beast-like in appearance. His eyes grow larger and become outlined in a rough black. His incisor teeth also grow even larger than before.
Three-tail form resembles that of two-tails. In this state the host is able to roar and extend chakra outwards to devastating result. This outwards destructive sphere of chakra was so intense so as to destroy surrounding matter and violently push back any incoming attack with but a simple roar.

Stage 3
In this form the host loses all sense of himself, becoming a pure destructive beast with no regard for even his closest friends. In the Naruto Shippuden show Naruto internal Kyuubi prison, he crosses the protective barrier and falls into Kyuubi's grasp. Externally the Kyuubi chakra begins to melt off Naruto's very skin. His body changes to resemble the bushy whiskers on his face when enraged, and his hands form sharp claws. Ears and four tails extend from his body and he roars with a sharp maw of teeth. This form proves insanely destructive, able to roar, swipe and attack with hugely destructive results. And should any foes dare touch his form, they'll be burned by the intense heat. Unfortunately such prolonged usage of the Kyuubi tailed state is further weakening the seal Yondaime Hokage used to contain the bijuu.

Fighting Style
Wise and powerful, it uses its massive tails as whips and vicious claws to lash out at foes; movement is usually done through quick and surprising lunges and pounces that cripple enemies that are unaware or fail to react. Fighting the host would be tricky yet deadly, hides until unnoticed and then goes in for the kill, also blending in with the environment


• Unlimited Chakra.

• Hokage Shiki Jijun Jutsu • Kakuan Nitten Suishu & Kyuubi Chakra Seal, can stop the host dead in there track and stop the transformation completely if it is to touch the host.

• Element is Chakra.

• Hard to Control.

• Cannot Control Fire.

• Can Auto heal Wounds in demon stage 1 or higher.

• During Demon stages you cannot tell friend from enemy.

• Host can still use hand seals and jutsu in stage 1 only.

• Whilst in stage two your effectively healing so fast your dieing.

• Increased Strength.

Chakra Element(s): Raiton Fuuton
Chakra Color: <Black>
Chakra Pool: <High>
Chakra Control: <Medium>

Shinobi Specials:

Battle Strengths:
Battle Weaknesses:

█ Technique List █


•Henge no Jutsu [Transformation Technique]
•Kawarimi no Jutsu [Substitution Technique]
•Bushin no Jutsu [Clone Technique]
•Kai [Release]




<Akira Style- Taijutsu>
<Stage 1>


█ Equipment Info █

Headband Location | Style | Color:
<Neck | Knot | Black>
Flack Jacket Style | Color:
< Long | Black>
Kunai Holster Location | Color:
<Left Shirt sleeve | Black>
Projectile Holster Location | Color:
<Right Shirt sleeve | Black>
Scroll Holster Location | Color:
<Lower Right Hip | Gray>

Exploding Smoke Grenade:50
Flash Bombs:50

█ History █
Parents were killed as a child and he was hated by everyone in the village so he vowed to kill the person that killed his parents and become a Sanin