Guild Jargon And Rules

As in theory this should be one of the first things you read Welcome to Shinobi lands Rp Guild for those Elite Roleplayers out there. this thread Simply Explains the rules of this Guild and also the Jargon you might Find posted on some of the threads. So please read everything in this section then begin your RPing journey in Shinobi Lands i would like to intridue myself im Silk the Founder of this Guild and i will anwser any questions you might have but failing that contact my V.C or any Member of crew to help also.

Guild Rules.
General Guild Rules
1. Read the Rules
2. No Godmodding or you will be banned after your second warning
3. No Auto-hitting or you will be banned after your second warning
4. If you are killed then you must create another character, and post your RPC's Death in the Death Fourm
5. If you are crew and not an Akatsuki member don't look in their sub-form
7. Follow the ranking ruels
8. You must have your profile posted or you do not exist
9. Follow TOS ruels
10. You must be active 10 times a week
11. No making up your own bloodlines, we have them provided all ready
12. No making up your own summons, we have them provided all ready
13. NO AUTO KILLING (none if we see you doing this you will be warned 1 only again your out of guild)
14. Original moves must be made to the guide lines in the make your own jutsu here topic, and can only be thought by the owner of them
15. You CANNOT be part something like part dog, cat, snake what ever
16. You Cannot use weapons too out of place of naruto
Ex. "I take a shot gun and shoot you"(none of this)
18. No Complaining Topics (saying that your not getting any respect is an example of what we would call a complaining thread.)
19. If you are crew or above and post a Complaint thread over a minor issue you shall be demoted.
20. If your quitting the guild DO NOT make a topic out of it, it makes ppl mad or upset about it, also it takes away from new members seeing ppl leave would cause bad rep

Everything In this Guild must confer close or exactly TOS
If the post or item dosent confer with it then that item will be deleted.

Other rule's
this is a Highly Roleplay based guild so GOD MODDING may happen if it does report it to a guild crew member or higher and we will deal with that issue.

A. No Cybering - This WHOLE site is PG-13 so that should speak for itself.
B. No Flaming - If you have beef with others take it to the PMs. If you can't say anything nice just don't post at all. People are entitled to their own opinions and you don't have you agree with them.
C. Please don't come here to ask for gold or items. There is a charity place on gaia for that and that is what we are not. If you are questing for something just keep it apparent in your siggy as you can use that as "Ad space"....Users will of course see your need to post it in the guild.

Guild Jargon

Sometimes you may see threads with strange bracketed headings this may help you out with somethings writen above them threads.

[DNP] - Do not Post, when this is above a thread do not post at all even crew so this means simply Do not post.

[DND] - Do Not Delete, this means do not delete this post ok but if the posy is left for three week's i will be deleting it unless its an announcement.

[CO] - Crew Only, This post is directed only at Crew or above status so do not post unless your Crew or above.

[SY] - Shionbi Yochi, The name of the Guild shortened.

[ARI] - All read important, Meaning everyone read because its an important announcement.

[PSA] - Public Service announcement, l-Aramatsu-l wil post these often telling whats been happening in the guild.

[Under Con]
[U.C]- under construction, meaning the thread isnt finished so do not post or read.

[Non-Player Character] - These are characters not controlled by average role players. They are used for specific tasks and such within a village.

l-Silk-l Wrote:
Welcome To the Shinobi Lands Guild

As the Title say's Welcome to the Shinobi Lands Future Naruto RP Guild, Now i bet your Wondering were to start exactly in the guild because i know Starting a new Guild can be hard and sometimes dawnting but Dont worry All the Crew and V.C in this Guild are very nice and Helpful to so if you need anything please contact one of Them.

Now The Guild itself And Were to start is Why your reading This Thread in this thread will be alot of infomation but its all Vital and by reading this through carefully once you should find all the anwser's your looking for so in threoy wont need to contact us (the crew) about how to start as such.

So now Here's how to Start, Hopefully you have read the homepage if not then Take sometime to do that now. And here we are again simply to start what you need to do first is Profile creation, Witch is here Click here. There is a profile Layout for you. once you have created a profile by follwing the instruction's then you may realise you might want a bloodline before your profile is complete. Bloodlines you have to apply for witch you can do here. Click here. To apply for a bloodline follow the instruction's in that thread and wait for a Crew to check it over and give you the say so.
Next thing on the list for your Profile Will be Ninja Class witch is found here. Click here.

once that has been done and you have added it to your profile you are about ready to Post your profile to see if it gets accepted. to do so Click here and simply post what you have created profile wise.

If and when thats Approved you may start your Journey as a RP ninja, now
Next on your agenda is Join a Village to join a village Simply Pm the Kage of that Village and post your profile in there Bingo book ther reason i ask you to Pm them is so they can update status and Bingo book's and thing's.

So Make your Way over to the Guild Jargon and Rules Witch will explain a tiny bit more in depth about the Guild than this here but this was just to get you started So hope it Worked. but from me and The Guild
hope to see in the RP world.

Just incase yor Still abit confused Pop a question in the F.A.Q [Click here] and it will be anwsered asap.

l-Silk-l Guild Captain.