Name Here: Pain Shintake<Death Handler>
<Organization: none | Do not start with Organization>

Age: &lt;??&gt;
Birth date: &lt;???&gt;
Gender: <Male>
Height: 6'10

Race: <Dragon>
Nationality: <Japanese>
Original Eye Color: <red>

<<<Image Here>>>

Nindo: <Death gets closer each day so i avoid that>
Behavior: <Bad a**/Calm>
Personality: <killer>

Village: <mist>
Rank: <genin>
Shinobi Profession: <anything>
Ninja Class: <Ninja Class - Choose from list>

█ Battle Info █

Bloodline / Soul Demon: <RPC Soul demon: Dragon>
Current Bloodline Stage: <Bloodline stage>

Curse Mark: <If any>

Chakra Element(s): <Raiton | May be dictated by bloodline or demon, Second can be added at jounin level>
Chakra Color: <Black>
Chakra Pool: <Massive, High>
Chakra Control: <Massive>

Shinobi Specials:
• <Special Skill's unique to you more info check Custom Techniques and abilities>
•<Limit of>

Battle Strengths:
•<What your RPC is good at>
•<ninjutsu, genjutsu, blades>

Battle Weaknesses:
•<What your RPC isnt. . .so good at>
•<taijutsu, ninja tools>

█ Summon Info █

<<If None, Remove This Section>>

Summoning Type(s):
•<Dragon, weapon: Five Legand Blades>

<Summon Type Name:>
Summon Name: Dragonic king


█ Technique List █

<Begin with>
•Henge no Jutsu [Transformation Technique]
•Kawarimi no Jutsu [Substitution Technique]
•Bushin no Jutsu [Clone Technique]
•Kai [Release] <Only if Ninjutsu Class>

Katon:<If Element is Fire>

Suiton: <If Element is Water>

Fuuton: <If Element is Wind>

Doton: <If Element is Earth>

Raiton: <If Element is Lightning>

Kekkei Genkai: <If Bloodline has Ninjutsu>


<Title of Taijutsu Style>
<Level of Taijutsu Style>
<Training: 0 / Mastered: 0>
•<Known Techniques>


█ Equipment Info █

ωeapon Class
•<Blade master>

<Raijon Death Blade >
Weapon Type: Katana
Weapon Range: Long
Special Properties: <Mystic Properties: able to channel my chakra and my Demons>
Weapon Location: with me at all times

Headband Location | Style | Color:
<Neck | Knot | Black>
Flack Jacket Style | Color:
< Long | Black>
Kunai Holster Location | Color:
<Left Shirt sleeve | Black>
Projectile Holster Location | Color:
<Right Shirt sleeve | Black>
Scroll Holster Location | Color:
<Lower Right Hip | Gray>

Exploding Smoke Grenade:<Quantity>
Flash Bombs:0

█ History █
no one knows anything about him