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Do not think this ends hereā€¦ The history of light and shadow will be written in blood!
Fayne OC

Gname: Cera Thanatos
Name: Sir Fayne of the Green Wind; as the legends call her leaving most to believe she is male.
Race: Gerudo
Age: Appears to be 20
Sex: Female
Weapon: Wind Magic, twin scimitars.
Bio: A winged knight who was left to the task of protecting the Pendant of Courage by the Hero of legends, Link. All of the knights can die, but seem to not by affected by the passage of time for some reason. Fayne resides in a temple at the Gerudo Desert.
Fayne grew up among the rather independent society of the Gerudo, as descendant of one of the greatest thieves in their clan Nabooru Spirit of Sand, she was instructed in the songs and dances of their past how they came across the great ocean, and were masters of both the harsh sea, and the unrelenting sand. She like the rest of her kin were highly respected among the Gerudo yet that did not stop her from proving herself in valor, weaponry, and thievery as any other Gerudo maiden would be. She knew the old legends of the boy from the forest who the Gerudo's named brother for in the dance of swords he could not be rivaled and how it was he who bested the forsworn Black King Ganondorf so very long ago, but they were just that. Legends.

Fayne was adventurous as the Gerudo considered such, often taking trips through the desert and returning with grand treasures and grander tales to share with her spear sisters, however, her fingers itched as she knew this was not enough, there could be something greater obtained, she could feel it in her soul as unrelenting as the rays of sun on her darkly tanned skin.

With such in mind and heart she asked to leave her homeland to pursue great treasure, vowing not to return until she brought up naught but the greatest treasure to be obtained. As such, she was granted permission and given a fine horse of Gerudo breed, and after a final night of celebration and dancing left the harsh but beautiful land she had come to love heading east, out of the valley and towards something new.

Along her journey she came across many companions eventually obtaining the pendant of courage and being tasked with its safe keeping until it was time for another "Hero of Time".
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Aftis Sinfel
Community Member
commentCommented on: Wed Jan 27, 2010 @ 07:19pm
Hopefully we get that RP going again... I'm gonna post it up as we wait on Vionus. Would you and Aku join?

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