Zeke tsugashi

age: 17

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As a child Zeke love reading about super heroes and super powers. As his life progressed he came across a century's old book containing strange pins called zyallias. The two that cought his eyes were the wind zyallias which gave him control over wind. He trained on his own to learn how to use them but the only ones that worked were the wind zyallias and the dark zyallias so he attached the wind zyallias to the inside of his gloves and the dark zyallias he keeps in his back pocket due to the danger they cause if he uses them. He realize that he found the book for a reason because little did he know he was dead yet still ageing. His body was still connected to the human world so his main goal was to find that connection and get back his life yet still visible to everyone he has gained friends to help him along the way.