I want to figure everything out but being a specialist makes me more valuable. but whats value without happiness. I'm looking for happiness, and I think I've finally found it, at least that person who may be able to make me happy.

I hope I've found it, and I hope shes not toying with me, but how can I know what goes on in the heart of others. I just want what would make me happy. My strength, knowledge, hopes, dreams don't mean anything if I'm not happy.

Love the one thing that's elusive and makes people think they understand it, but its meaning is in the heart, which is a muscle that changes over time. It beats faster, slower, harder softer, its shape grows as you do, it pumps blood to the head and thru the rest of the entire body, but love is something that I miss.

Its the thing that would make me happy. Its the thing I don't understand. All I want is love. All I want is happiness. What am I missing?