Omg x.x This one ish from Kyle (Love 2 C U P)(7/2/09)
Lmao, Kodi baby you sure are something. You see life in so many diffrent ways, helping people before you even think about yourself. Hanging out with you is a little weird, well because you never shut the ******** up. Your fights with people are weird, you scream some really random s**t then you both end up laughing? Lmfao you got some magic powers baby. ;] (that black b***h Obama is rubbin' your c**t) Haha you know it to, it makes you c** all night ;] (joke no one but us uderstands thanks to Jeffree Star) ;P Hm I can say the best moment we have had in this month (july) Its hard because it kinda just started. But yeah when you were in my car and that old lady in that big yellow coat pulled up next to us. "Yo, What the ******** is up BigBird? Where the hell are ya SunFlower seeds" Cant believe you said that. Holy s**t. xD The look on her face was amazing. lol there hoe, dont make me one of these lame things back. I just agreed to do it because im bored. Oh ***** next week im going to come pick you up. Since I cant be there for your Birthday :[. I figure Ill take you somewhere to have some real fun. :]

OMGZ Scotty my best best friend forever and ever everz(7/4/09)
i have no idea what you want me 2 do. oh ok. well. 1 fer sure i will nvr get a um w/e this is no matter how much u beg. Suck me nd i will think about it. naw im jking would b nice though. rotflmao u put the oreo nd lube on u profile. how sweet. i feel touched. in a naughty place. wtf, the world is depressed? add me 2 that thing on u profile. depressed people r bullshit. i agree with u 100% anyways. yea. talking 2 u on the phone 4 hrs all night used 2 b fun untill u stupid mom said u could only call for a emergency. but who cares. when she did that i just stayed at u house everynight. eh kinda lived with u 4 awhile it seemd like. im going to tell every 1 who reads this. that if u want 2 go 2 the movies. bring kodi with u. i swear if u dont u r missing out on alot. oh. no i dont mean like kissing and ******** in the back row. sorry. i just mean the food fights and bugging people and yet he never gets in trouble because his step dad works at the movie place. he turns that place in 2 a riot almost everyweek. staying at u house 4 a night is like going 2 a fair. u r just 2 hyper. its like trying 2 fight off 200 puppys. what makes it better is that u have like the most perverted and kinky mind around. but yea. kodi u r pretty great. we talk about everything and anything. we never have problems or sad things to talk about witch is amazing due 2 the world these days. we together make some people happy in like a secound. u r clearly the best friend in my world. i want 2 glue u 2 my side. if u leave im comeing with!!! and if i leave.. im dragging u with. rapeing u does cross my mind now. rotflmfao dont worry i can hold back. our song is 'booty music by git fresh'. yes our song. not yours. we sing this 2 eachother 4 hours and hours. lyrics fit us well. lol. kodi knows it at lest =]