Heeey eveyone.im in Australia now. i dont reaally no where i am or what im doing here, but mom said we were going to stay here until australias summer which is wierd because its in december january and february. so wierd. it winter now and i am in a house. we bought a house before we left. the house is ok for me and my mom.; i have my own bedrrom aand so does she. we have our own space, like our own bathroons, our own kitchens( there are two kitchens in the house and we both get to have one) we have our own everything litterally. but one thing that i dont have is friends. i no absoulutely nobody here. and they dont speak funny everyone back in ca. the speak kinda normal and posh . but its wierd i went to school for a whole week and they are already on the winter break. its winter break right now. Over here it isSaturday the 11/7/2009. aand the time is 8.25am. im so tired since we only moved here and at school is so different. THERE IS NO CHEERLEADING ! they dont hav cheerleading. im so moving back to ca. even if mom doesnt like it, i hate moving i hate not having friends i hate not being able to go home, but thank fully, i get to go home in the holidays, its holidays so maybe i can go home. i dont think ca. is on holidays anyway, but it would be awesome to go visit my friends after school ! exclaim exclaim exclaim

but even if i go back to ca. i will just have to come right back down to aus again so it wouldnt matter at all . i wish i was a popular kid at school. so im going to wear all my latest d&g clothes and coco channel. but its wierd i though aus had to wear school uniforms, but this school doesnt, it so wierd i mean come on what am i going to do anyway . wearing those clothes i will be accepted into anything or any group thats at school. but i have to go since i am going to persuade mom into taking me bck becasue its the holidays!:! .
love from ash. xxooxx