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Thee Book of the Unspoken Verse
Well, I'm very uncomfortable with the concept of keeping a paper journal, much less an online one, which any so-inclined nut can look at, so i will use this for to post my poetry, which will scare away anyone, including the afforementioned crazies.
Okay, I've decided to actually start updating this thing frequently. Mostly out of boredom, to be honest. Also, I'm doing it for practice on this new 'project' I'm writing, which is written as the character's journal. God, but the thing is depressing to write, though. Makes me look optimistic, going on giddy, which is an achievement. Writing it last night kind of sent me into a depressive episode, though, which means I spent most of today in the company of bad memories. I wonder if it realy looks all that different to people, since I force myself to keep up the jokes and pointless attempts at humor? Do I even want them to know? God, I'm turning into a whiny Emo-Livejournal kid! Ach, I digress. Hopefully next time I'll actually have something relevant to write.

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    Have you noticed exaclty how much gold you get per journal entry? It...doesn't suck.

    I know how you feel about the Keep up Apperances. I don't know if you noticed, but I took a call durning lunch. I got some shitty shitty (pardon my Frnech) news, but I think I kept it together ok. But...I could tell you wern't feeling great today But I didn't know if you wanted the others to notice, so...normality reigned... sweatdrop Life's funny like that.

    PS: The PMing system is out....*mutters darkly in ancient tounges*

    You can imagine the face I am making....it is utterly pathetic and woeful.

    comment Storyteller Seven · Community Member · Tue Dec 20, 2005 @ 02:37am
    Hey! Where are the creepy poems to scare away the "crazies"? I'm not scared yet. I want my money back. stare

    comment Tree Beatle Maiden · Community Member · Thu Dec 22, 2005 @ 07:52pm
    Ello my friend, I meant to write something on this one but, I was all caught up in the ....season...I guess you could say , and still am. I hope you can actually cheer up, (not that "instant cheer in a can" that a friend of ours seems to own) And you'll never turn into a emo-livejournal kid because...well because I'll have to kill you to save you from the dishonor. ^.^ With stuff like this and when around people I ignore it, especially when the person trying not to show it. The little one notices but, doesn't know what to do. Just know if you ever need someone to talk to just find me. It doesn't have to be about your problems it's just sometimes nice to ramble about irrelevant things in the face of larger issues. I can't say I'm the best person in the world but, I can try to be a friend. Oh on a side note I've been meaning to tell you for a while but, I had to push back my own personality to do it. I'm truly sorry with burdening you with my problems lately but, thank you for letting me do it....Just so you know that's about the most heart-felt thing this old liar has said in literally years

    comment Talya_Night · Community Member · Sun Dec 25, 2005 @ 03:06am
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