Well, since my mission was complete an my promotion to 1st Class... I really have not had anything to do... I haven't felt the need to update, since there really wasn't anything to update about.

Over the past 7 months a lot has changed. Angeal and Genesis have both been promoted to 1st class... making us 3 the only 1st class operatives in SOLDIER.

Hojo continued his experiments on the vampire and his so called friend. The one named Cami seems to be the more successful. Hojo successfully made her capable of metamorphism . She controls abilities of the Vampire Zuez like Tyler. However, Tyler seems to be little responsive to Hojo's experiments.

His body has changed considerably though and he is able to focus his powers into objects... meaning his rage is contained.

Hojo managed to wipe out their memories though. Cami is simply a brainless doll right now, while the vampire was refitted with false memories to constantly give him rage to fuel his abilities. In total though, Hojo thinks his plans to use vamperic blood in place of mako energy to be a useless effort.