I arrived back to the slums to find Tyler once again. This time I had the preemptive strike.

My orders were to not attack him, but Hojo's plan did not work. Taunting him with Cami's possible demise was also not of much help. It goes to show that even emotions are void from a vampire. Hojo sent a transmission and gave me the order to eliminate him. After riling him up some more though Tyler's abilities awakened further and he broke out into a fury of rage and hate.

Hojo then responded by telling me to confine him. After which I casted blizzaga on him and froze him solid. I returned him to Hojo where he later awoke and attempted to attack Hojo in the same rage as before. However, I reacted and slashed his back with my sword incapacitating him. I then was ordered to place him into the tube to put him into suspended animation so Hojo could experiment on him later.
Hojo's experiments on this matter has gone back long before I was born apparently. Just before it actually, but it was apparently a failure. Hojo hopes that using live specimens would be much better.

After departing the lab I had to visit the Director, where I learned I was promoted to 1st Class. The first and only first class Soldier operative.