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Kora's Diary This is just stuff I do in my head.

Archives of Sin
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My Dream Last Night
This was a dream I had the night before, enjoy~! I'll explain who everybody is later.

Hello. I'm Kora Krystle Young. There's alot I would love to tell you, and I mean alot, but I cannot. They might find me, and the others....

Right now, I am at home. I'm watching over my nephew, Tyler John Young. He's only my half-nephew of course. His dad is my former brother-in-law. That's one of the consequences of divorce. Truthfully, none of my family are human. We're all skinwalkers, half human, half animal. What's different is each of us are a different species of big cat. Each of us could use magic to make us appear human, and it always works.

My mom and sister are out at a meeting. My mom is Valerie Krystle Young, and my sister is Mandy Starlene Young. I sighed. It's pouring outside, and I mean POURING! I let my nephew play on my X-Box, he enjoyed my games. I sighed again. I went in to get some pink lemonade for a drink. I was wearing my armour, somehow, I got the feeling I would need it.

Then my phone rang. "Kora, come in Kora, it's Optimus!" A voice said, you guessed it, it was Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots. I picked up my phone. "Yes, Optimus?" I answered. "There's been some detected decepticon activity near your area, keep a sharp eye out." He warned. I spat out my lemonade. "Decepticons?! Here?!" I nearly freaked. Anywhere but here! "Kora, calm down. We aren't sure if the rain is just messing with our transmissions, but still, keep an eye out." He said. "Optimus, out."

The call ended. I stood there for a moment. Then strapped my phone onto my belt. I put on my boots, I was bare footed. "Tyler, get off my X-Box, we have trouble brewing." I warned. "Why?" He asked and paused. I turned off the X-Box. "No time to explain, something bad is going to happen, I know it." I said. Then.....

Shreeeeeeeeeeeeeeik..... CRASH!

Oh sh*t! What was that?! "Tyler, stay here." I said. "Why??" He questioned. "Tyler John Young, if you know what's good for you, listen to me! Stay here and DON'T turn on that X-Box!" I said sternly. I ran out the door.

I looked around, nothing. Probably somebody slipped in the rain. A familiar white car drove onto my drive way, it was my mom and sister. Huge relief. My mom stepped out, "Kora, get inside, I don't want you to freeze, and why are you in your armour?" She asked. She didn't know of my alliance with the Autobots, like everybody else. "No reason, it's comfortable." I said. "Well get it off, you have no need to wear it in weather like this." She said. I rolled my eyes and went inside. "Hey, Kora, mom and I are going to my house for a bit to visit, you wanna come?" My sister asked. I shook my head. "No thank you, but I would be grateful if you could take Tyler." I said. She nodded. Tyler came running out. "Mommy!" He shouted happily. They embraced as the three went to my sisters' house, across the street. I ran inside.

I plugged my phone into the DVD player in my room, I did a few "upgrades" on it, so I could more easily chat with others using holograms. I put the number in for the Autobot HQ on Earth. "Optimus, come in Optimus!" I said. There was a blurred hologram, that took the shape of Bumblebee. He saw me and looked rather happy. "Hey Kora, what's up?!" He greeted. "Bumblebee, this is important, where's Optimus??" I urged. Optimus' hologram appeared from the corner of the "screen".

"Kora, what is it?" He asked as Bumblebee moved aside. "What's the full report on the Decepticons?" I asked. He looked up. "Ratchet, report." He said. "Well Prime, they are in Kora's area, I'd be careful if I were you." He said. I heard. "What about this weather? Oh Earth it usually isn't this severe!" I said. "We aren't sure Kora, but rest assured, we're on it." Optimus said. "Optimus! Wait!" I urged, he ended it. Then I heard a loud, resounding SPLASH!! I looked up and unplugged my phone onto my belt and went outside.

No decepticons, but the rain wasn't getting any less severe. I looked around and stepped into the corner of the street. The water flooded the street. Something wasn't right, in Arizona, rain was NEVER this plentiful. Then I heard another splash behind and beside me. I looked, my armour was soaked! Nothing out of the ordinary. I ran back inside. Something wasn't right dammit! What was it?!

I fell to my knees. I needed my helmet! I ran to the end of the hall where there was a case where I kept my armour. I usually kept my helmet when I wasn't fighting because it was a bit uncomfortable when not on the battle field. I put it on. Then I heard a loud, fire truck horn. Just by it's shape, I knew it was Optimus.

"Optimus! What are you doing here?!" I asked as I ran to him. I admit, I sort of liked him, and I mean like like. Sure, he was a giant cybertronian, plus the fact that he was taken, and I was a demon that could fit in his paw-- er, servo, or hand, but he was cool. Even though I was taken. "Kora, get in!" he said. "It's important!"

"Optimus, my family is gonna find out! I've been keeping this from them!" I pleaded. "I'm sorry Kora, but this is important, this entire city will fall to ruin if you don't." He said. I nodded as he opened the door. I ran back and got my sword and put it on my belt. As I came back out Sigourney, second in command of the Autobots, came running in her puma form. She looked like a silver puma with silver dragon wings. "Optimus!" She huffed, "Starscream is on his way! We can't hold them off much longer!" She said, somewhat panicking. "What do they want?!" I asked both.

I do not feel like finishing this tonight. Tomorrow perhaps? ninja

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