Steel Commando -- Super Speed
Samurai Commando -- Super Strength
Cotton Commando -- Dimension Control
Pirate (b*tch) Commando -- Animal Control
Burning Commando -- Flame Control
Slime Commando -- Mutation
Queen Commando -- Absolute obidence


Evolved exos:

Daliah Rossenberg -- Alpha Cenarius -- Ice Control
Alicia Dray -- Ragnarok -- Super Speed/strength/senses/mutation
Jenni Karsa -- Infernal Wish -- Fire control
Joey Hiriyu -- Ademantea -- Lightining Control
Daniel Reve -- Nightmare -- Illusion/fear/Darkness controll


Miya Paige -- (earth control)
Stella Reve -- (turn back time ability)
Mika Camara -- (ghost ability)
Ayane Kuro -- (Lightning control)


blah blah blah blah blah so basically a group of clones made by the military, called commandos have the power of an "Exo" which allows them to have power. each exo is different ranging through flame control, to super senses and more. Commandos hunt avians, people who naturally have an exo power within them. Avian's exo have names, when called out, the exo fights with them giving them a higher synch rate. Commando exo's do not have names for they are the exos themselves.


In an alternate ending of the 19th century in Europe. A girl name Jenni Karsa is looking for the Hidden Order of Avian Knights. She killed her the only person she loved, her mother, with her power by accident. she blames herself and looks for the order. While the Commandos uses their military power, and propaganda's the order as a terrorist group. the 2 factions fight, destroying their world in the procsess.