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TLC Bumping
Mainly bumps will be here. No stealing! None of these are considered freebies and will ever be.
Old Announcements
o7/o1/o8 ;; Thread was created & opened

o7/2o/o8 ;; 1,000 posts! =D

o8/o5/o8 ;; 25 customers served! ;]

o8/o7/o8 ;; 2,000 posts! : D

o8/27/o8 ;; Reached 200 pages! W00T!

o9/11/o8 ;; Thread moved!

o9/18/o8 ;; 50 orders completed

1o/18/o8 ;; 25k bumps have been ordered & completed <33 thanks everyone!

11/3o/o8 ;;50 DIFFERENT customers served ;D

1/22/o9 ;; Not enough bumpers + too many orders = hiatus for TLC Bumping.

1/23/o9 ;; ilovemunkees is now officially a moderator for TLC Bumping! <3

2/o7/o9 ;; Hiatus UN-DECLARED.

2/o8/o9 ;; 50k bumps have been ordered & completed!

2/22/o9 ;; Great achievements made at the MRC! We received the Crystal Award! Thanks!

4/11/o9 ;; New thread layout received.

5/29/o9 ;; Open sign in title for the first time since Jan. of this year. C: We had a long waiting list and our bumpers cleared it out, thanks guys!

6/17/o9 ;; Unfortunately, TLC's very pretty banners had to be taken down. The photo used in them was copyrighted. The photo was never supposed to be used for any reason and was. We're getting new graphics very soon.

6/28/o9 ;; Big news! Mik and munkees have both agreed that something is happening lately that hasn't been happening before. We are getting waiting listed often and customers are ordering almost constantly. Yesterday was the first time in a while that we had a free slot open. We think that a change in price for all future customers would be a good thing. From now on, the price for regular customers will be 3g per bump and quests, charities and our bumpers discount price will be moved up to 2g per bump.

I know you are probably groaning right now thinking, "But, I've been such a loyal customer/bumper! I liked the old price!" Here's how the discount for our loyal bumpers and customers will work. For bumpers, if you are working with us now, you get the original discount of 1g per bump and for customers who have ordered twice or more, you get the original price of 2g per bump. This is our way of saying thanks for sticking around TLC & for supporting us!

There will be a poll and a thread in which you can tell us how you are feeling about this.

7/01/09 ;; YES! TLC Bumping is one year old today! (: We are officially OLD in the bumping business and we're still loving it since the first day we opened! Our full/hiring sign will be taken down for the day. However, fill free to fill out an application or an order form (PM both to Palpable Love for today so they don't get lost) and we'll look at them as soon as we can. Everyone is invited to celebrate TLC's achievement. All the games and their various prizes are located here for the day. Look at all of them! We have something for everyone and if you want another game, just PM Mik Laid your contest idea. We have several bumpers (and myself) who want more games, so just give us ideas! Thanks everyone for helping make this an awesome birthday party and vote thumbs up!
This ends 12AM Pacific and 3AM EST.

7/02/09 ;; Everything goes back to way it was. Please post all orders and applications again. (: The partay was great and lots of prizes were won. A majority have yet to be given out and Mik will be giving them out of the next few days. Do not worry!

8/04/09 ;; REVISED : First one was a bit harsh, so I'll say it again, but nicer. Quit taking our thread. This front page is copyright of TLC. Its also very classless to take any other bumping service. Make your own. Our bumpers, owners, friends and TLC lovers don't like it. Obviously we've gotten so big that people think they can copy our success. Guess what? The shop front page doesn't make the shop, dearies. ;D This is hard work, dedication and a hellva lotta patience. You obviously don't have it, so don't try to take it 'cause you can't. That being said, I appreciate your lacking attempts. Get some originality next time. It'll help your cause. If you'd like advice, opinions, tips or tricks or anything to help you with making a bump shop that is original, feel free to PM Palpable Love and I'll help you as best as I can, but please, don't take my shop and try to profit off of it. If anyone finds any TLC clones, please, PM Palpable Love and we'll check it out. I'll never add a black list or a white list to TLC, but you will be appreciated and that goes further than any white list that won't ever be in here.

8/16/09 ; Messenger_Of_The_Moon has been a wonderful employee since she was hired. We have talked over it and have been thinking about this promotion for some time. It has been decided that Messenger should be promoted to Moderator. Congratulate her. She definitely deserves the recognition.

Huge announcement was made on this page. Please look at it.

We have had a big pay raise of 2g per bump for every bump. Our pay system is now starting from 5g and moving up to 8g. You will also have to make at least 50 bumps by payday or you will not be paid anything at all. Our bribe information has been tweaked. If you want to bribe us, you must bribe us 7g per bump now. We still have our referral contest going on until Nov. 7th. Above in the announcement made on September 6th are the details. Customers, if you want to tip our bumpers, I would suggest that you go along this route and simply post/PM about our bumpers. No gold of yours will be spent unless you wish to tip TLC as a whole!

1000 pages reached! Huzzah for TLC!

Major announcement on pg. 1006. Read it no matter who you are!

Since we have so many hiatus or semi-hiatus bumpers, the maximum bumps that can be ordered is being lowered to 1,000. We may up it back up to 3,000 in the future.

All slots, waiting list and bribes will be closed until further notice. None will be accepted no matter the amount. If you would like to bribe us, the rate would be 1,000,000g per 100 bumps. (Insane, we know. Just to let you know how serious we are about NOT accepting orders at this time.)

After disappearing for a month, ilovemunkees returned to TLC with some sad news. She has decided to leave Gaia. Maybe for a while or maybe forever. However, keeping with the wonderful reputation munkees has, she donated to some TLCers & to TLC itself. We will miss you! <3 Hope to see you again soon.

It seems that this time of the year hasn't been kind to TLC owners & moderators. With great reluctance, Kyuui Kiwi, our beloved co-owner, has decided to step down from the position. It seems that she has lost interest in Gaia also. We wish her luck in what ever she does. Mik Laid does not think she will accept another co-owner for a while. Since we have had such a drastic moderator loss in the few days, we are now accepting new moderators. We will be watching, but other than that, there is no way to apply.

Our Christmas event has started and ton of prizes are available. Christmas bonuses & Halloween bonuses are being given out plus a gold increase in pay for both Permanent and TLC bumpers. Check it out here.

Wow. Two thousand ten. TLC is going on to be two years old and it seems like it has gone by in a huge flurry of activity. As a personal note from Mik Laid, I would like to say thanks for making this year great. I pray and hope for many more years for TLC and it's success. Thank you everyone.

After much thinking, I (Mik Laid) have decided that I needs more staff to help me when I can't be here. Messenger_Of_The_Moon has been our moderator for over six months and served faithfully. He has been moved to co-owner of TLC while John Reese & harpii_two have been promoted to permanent moderators of TLC. I thank all three of them for their support! Congratulate them for this achievement. However, ilovemunkees & Kyuui Kiwi, our past moderator & co-owner have not been forgotten! I thank them for their contributions to TLC and know John, harpii & Messenger will make their own too.

It seems that with our old announcement of "quit taking my thread" disappearance into our journal archive came services popping up with eerily similar thread layout set ups and rules. Let me state this again. Don't copy TLC. In any form, other than what is already laid out that you can take which happens to be our pay system and even then, give us credit. Keep your eyes off our rules, our layout setup, everything. Even though this service is a lot more than just a thread layout and bumps, I still don't like to see other services with the same layouts. It's just downright annoying. I check other services and often find myself wondering why copying happens in the first place. You never get anywhere copying the competition and Gaia is no different. Be creative and think of your own bumping service.

05 MARCH 10
It was our original intention to allow the main thread to serve as a chatting thread and it definitely has. Ten or more pages are passing daily and it is getting harder and harder to keep up with the applications and orders that are flooding in daily. Messenger, John and I have come to the agreement that all orders and applications should be private messaged from this moment out to ensure that all the orders and applications are received. If you post it here, there is a chance that it will be consumed by the massive amounts of chatting that occurs here, which we welcome you to join. For our bumpers, we would still like you to welcome all customers or bumpers as usual. Other than all applications and orders being PM'd to Palpable Love, everything is going well. The maximum amount of bumps may be upped in the next month or so.

09 MARCH 10
xxxxxxAfter a suggestion made by a couple of our loyal bumpers and some conversation on the matter between myself, Mik, and John, we've made the decision to make a sixth regular Slot. This is mainly due to the amount of awesome, super-active bumpers we've got right now, who sometimes end up with no Slot to bump at all because all available Slots are taken. So from now on, unless it becomes absolutely necessary to remove it, we will have six regular Slots. In addition, also due to the crazy amounts of activity we've had from our bumpers lately, Indian Muffin Princess has been delegated to the duty of posting Slot Updates when me, Mik, and John cannot be around to post them, since we've been needing them a lot more often lately.

24 APRIL 10
xxxxxxSwitched back to original way of ordering and applying for a job. You should start posting applications and orders again.

08 MAY 10
xxxxxxThis is mainly a notice to our dear TLC bumpers. You may notice some "special" orders coming in soon. They will be orders of 100 - 500 bumps and will be completely free. These are people sponsoring Messenger in his participating in the Gaian Nudity Event. Just wanted to give you all a head's up!

23 JUNE 10
xxxxxxIt seems every month something new happens that requires an announcement. This month, it's adding a moderator and a new slot updater. Indian Muffin Princess is our new moderator and Toxic Rainbow Kisses is a new slot updater!

04 JULY 10
xxxxxxMany things are happening. Waiting list slots are getting numbers, for the first time, which will continue until further notice. Orders/applications will be going back to PMs, to ensure that they are answered quickly & added. A new mod-in-training may or may not be added to our growing team. Customers are going to have to send their trades titled with their order's page number. TLC is officially 2 years old and we have a birthday thread here.

01 AUGUST 10
xxxxxxIt seems that real life has taken a strangle hold on everyone this summer. This month we're having to say a sad farewell to Messenger_Of_The_Moon, our second co-owner who helped us for almost eight months to run TLC Bumping. Thankfully, Messenger will be sticking around for the occasional chatting! We will miss you!

Once again, we're switching back to original way of ordering and applying for a job. You should start posting applications and orders again.

14 JUNE 11
It's been a while since TLC has had an announcement. Since October, we have lost three moderators and later, regained one. Mik started college in August and went on hiatus and many bumpers did the same thing. This means orders are taking longer to complete. We are all very sorry and apologize in advance if any dissatisfaction comes from this.

On another note, please remember when placing an order that a trade should be sent immediately after. If there is no trade when your order is ready to be moved into a slot, it will be moved onto the hold list and stay there until a trade is sent. No PM will be sent as I have very little time and it is your responsibility to send the trade for your order. Please remember to do it immediately after! If your order is accepted, the trade will be accepted once. You should accept it again. Palpable will not accept it again until your order is done.

Our Christmas party is coming up quickly. It will be opening on December 27th, 2011 in our guild. Fundraising has already started. If you would like to contribute, any amount will help, just send a trade labeled "Christmas Party" to Palpable Love. This party will be open to everyone&the guild will be set to public for a short period of time.

Also soon you will be able to apply as a temporary bumper, short-term or long-term bumper. Check out page 1860 for more details

Palpable Love
Community Member
  • 02/07/10 to 01/31/10 (1)
  • 08/16/09 to 08/09/09 (1)
  • 07/05/09 to 06/28/09 (1)
  • 03/29/09 to 03/22/09 (1)

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