The target was Tyler once again. I found him in the Sector 7 Slums with several people. To my surprise he noticed I was there before I made myself apparent.
I attempted to aggravate him to see if anything changed since the last time we met.
As expected he was still the same. I thought nothing was done with that augmentation, but the situation quickly changed when one of his friends, a woman named Cami appeared to see what was going on. To be honest. He was a little over dramatic about the situation... he could have easily finished things up with his friends before I engaged in combat with him. I was supposed to wait till he was alone anyways...

He tried to attack me with his so called mystical golden arm, but I easily disabled it.

But this Cami worked to my advantage and to Hojo's data without him realizing it. I saw that he emotionally responded to this Cami, so I took her hostage and knocked her unconscious. As expected, Tyler eventually filled up with rage and he used powers that he could use without the aid of any weapon or armor. He attacked me and actually wounded me pretty badly; however, I was fortunate enough to have a curaga materia to heal myself. With that and my SOLDIER abilities I was healed in a matter of seconds.

Before I departed the area I gave him a little parting gift. I attacked him full on and knocked him down. The wounds would normally be fatal for a mere human... and even a normal SOLDIER, but I know he will heal since he is a vampire. The speed of that recovery is questionable since his is not a true vampire.

I ended up teleporting and taking Cami along with me.

Hojo seemed quite pleased for this meeting. That man and battle data... what a creep. I can't imagine anyone even getting together with him. I'm actually wondering Hojo's motives sometimes. He in person is quite an odd old man. He has something planned for this vampire... I'm not sure what though. He had me place Cami in a chamber where she will not wake up. Hojo apparently plans on using her eventually.

Until then, my next mission is to return to Sector 7 slums and rile up Tyler a bit more without combat.