Today let us discuss another poor misunderstood insect the bee.

Bees are considered a wise and sometimes even holy insect. It is said they have foreknowledge as well as having information of many secret matters. To some they are divine messengers. Their buzzing is actually the humming of praise. If one flies into your house you should leave it alone to stay or ( and the one I recommend) open a path so it can fly out by itself. In doing so it is a sign of good luck. It is said that if one lands on your hand you will soon receive money and if it happens to land on your head instead you will soon raise to greatness. Be careful how you speak in front of it. If you swear in front of one it will sting you. They also like to sting adulterers and the unchaste. Virgins can supposedly walk through swarms of them and receive no harm. I for one do not recommend trying that one out and think that no one else should either. In some places it is thought that bees have strong relationships with their keepers and should be told of his or hers death.

Feel free to share any more bee stories!