I came across the target today. As expected, he was a vampire of sort. A pretty pathetic one it was. To my surprise, it seemed he was on his way to Midgar... after all, he was probably not too far from Kalm.

I engaged in combat as directed. He was surprisingly weak. For a so called vampire, he knew nothing of his past... he birth... his true self. Pity... though... I at the same time have something in common with him.

He seems to have a hidden strength... whether this is the thin that Hojo wants is beyond my thought. As ordered, I used the materia to augment his powers... what it will do is unknown... but I guess I'll have to wait and see.

Afterwards, I teleported back to Midgar. I talked with Hojo and he directed me to seek him out again. the target was cited boarding a train near Sector 7...