A unseasonably warm autumn day turned tragic as a war broke out as a girl of only seventeen had been caught in the cross fire of kunai.
Out of nowhere a blur of black and white rushed inf front of her, as the blur seemed to repel the kunai.
As the spectical continued, the girl watched in horror as she had know realised who was in front of her as her shield.
Her lover, a man of only nineteen was using a bamboo branch to knock away the oncoming attack with a sly grin in her direction as the grin reassured her that he'd be prefectly fine as kunai appeared lodged into his chest as he fell back the attack stopped.
She rushed to her lovers side as tears poured down her delicate, pale face as she held him to her as her golden eyes looked over his lightening face
"Please don't leave me!" she cried out as he shot her the smile she had always adored, the look of a child who turned into a man.
"I'll always be with you, and I believe you'll be the best ninja like your Mother"
He reasurred her like he always did.
"But I'll be alone...I won't have anything to live for" she replied as she continued to sob.

A few moments passed as his body became limp in her arms, tears falling on his face and chest from his young lovers sobbing.

As the memory faded she rushed out for her victim, quickly and gracefully ending the man's life as quickly as it begun as she had just saved an innocent maiden