Welcome to my journal! I hope you find the research with in as fascinating as I have. BTW, this is meant for educational and entertainment purposes only.

Let's begin with a discussion on spiders. Usually spiders are viewed as negative and scary things but one story says that it was a spider's web that hid baby Jesus from Harold. Because of this to kill a spider is to bring bad luck to ones self. If your like me and find it fascinating to watch them weave their webs then don't ever worry about going naked. It is said that if you see a spider spinning a web you will soon receive new clothes.To see a spider run done it's web in the afternoon means that you will soon take a trip. To where I don't know but if on the way you run into a web don't worry. That is a sign that you will soon meet a new friend. If the spider happens to be going up instead of down don't worry. It means he or she is bringing good news your way.

I also found some spider lore dealing with my home state of Kentucky. It is said here that if a bride finds one on her dress it is a sign of good luck but woe to brides who find one on their necks. That means that she has a secret lover.

Well that is all the information I have on spiders for now. Please feel free to share your own discoveries.