Marluxia Fanfic 8

Sai's eyes widened as she collisped to one knee and held her chest as if the air had left her lungs. When she looked up it was to see Axel's concerned face. She felt his arms around her as she said, "'s too late. The Dragon"
"What?!?!?!" Axel asked as he helped Sai back to her feet. "Then.....does that mean that Xandra is...."
Sai shook her head as she said, "No, this feels different......wrong somehow. I can feel Xandra but it's not coming from the Dragon." She looked up at the sky for a moment and then looked at Axel. "I don't think Xandra is inside the Dragon though it feels like it's being controled."
"Then it must be Korgon right?" Axel asked. "But if the Dragon's free then where is Xandra?"
"She's with Virgil," Marluxia said as he appeared inside the room looking weary.
"How do you know?" Sai asked.
"Because he's here," Marluxia said. "Xandra" He just couldn't bring himself to say it. Instead he moved away to reveal who was behind him. Both Axel and Sai inhaled deeply as they looked at Virgil. In his arms was Xandra's spirit body.
Sai ran forward and placed her hand on Xandra's forehead...or at least she tried too. Her hand went right through Xandra's body which caused her to step back. Looking at Virgil she asked, "What happened?"
"Nows not the time," Virgil said. "If we don't find a place to anchor Xandra's soul she'll disappear for good!" He looked ar everyone as he said it.
"There's nothing here that will work!" Axel said as he wrung his hands. He noticed an Amulet around Virgil's neck and asked, "Can't you use that?"
"Huh? My amulet?" His eyes lit up as he nodded and said, "Take it off my neck."
Sai moved forward and slipped it off around his neck and following his instructions she placed it over Xandra's neck. She watched as Virgil closed his eyes and began to chant. Her breath caught in her throat as Xandra began to disappear. When it was done Virgil opened his eyes and lowered his arms. When he held out his hand for the amulet Marluxia stepped forward. "No, why can't Sai keep it? Your the reason Xandra's in this mess! She wouldn't leave until she set you free."
"And she has done it," Virgil said bitterly. "I don't like this anymore then you. But until a new soulless body can be created for Xandra; her soul needs special care. Care that only I can provide."
"And what makes you so damn special?" Axel asked heatedly.
"Because in our past lives I was created to protect Xandra better known as Illanya in any form," Virgil answered simply. "Korgon was created to protect Sai, who was known as Samatha."
Marluxia and Axel were about to interject but Sai said, "It's ok; I trust him." She laid the amulet in Virgil's hand as she added, "Plus it is HIS amulet. Besides.....Xandra trusted him and so do I. Though I may not remeber.....I trust his words."
Marluxia let out a small sneer as Virgil Slipped the amulet around his neck. "I'm going out to look for the Dragon," Marluxia hissed. He turned and without a further word left out the door.
"Sai, stay with Virgil while I chase after the dumbass," Axel said with a sigh. Then Axel turned too and ran off after Marluxia. He was surpaised though to find he hadn't left after all. Axel tilted his head to the side as he saw Marluxia's shoulders shake. " he crying?" Axel bit his lip not knowing what to do; he doubted Marluxia wanted anyone to see him like this but.....with a slight groan he walked over and leaned agaisnt the wall. "You do know that you and Xandra are getting to be a pain in the a** right?"
Marluxia didn't look at Axel as he ran his arm across his eyes. "Leave me alone........"
Axel sighed as he crossed his arms and shook his head. "Sorry but I can't do that."
Marluxia let out a growl as his scythe appeared in his hand and he spun around. He charged towards Axel but Axel simply disappeared and then reappeared behind him. That angered Marluxia even more and as he spun he tossed his scythe at Axel. "LEAVE ME ALONE!"
Axel smiled as he summoned his chakrams and blocked the attack then lowered them when the scythe disappeared. "There's the Marluxia I know." His chakrams disappeared as he said, "Come on Marluxia. Do you honestly think your the only one who's worried? I know you don't trust Virgil and I don't blame you but.....if Sai does then we have to at least give him a chance. Remeber......Xandra trusted him enough to stay and free him from Korgon."
Marluxia was silent for a moment and then he dismissed his own weapon as well. He sighed as his shoulders slumped and he rubbed his tumples. "I just.....I don't understand any of this Axel. As Nobodies we shouldn't have feelings but.....when she's around....."
At that Axel smiled and said, "I know excatly what you mean. We may not have hearts but the girls do. And it's because of that that it feels like we have them too. Now you understand why I was best friends with Roxas and why I helped Sora."
Marluxia spun around and to both boys surpaise Xandra stood before them. Or at least her spirit did; beside her stood Virgil. The amulet around his neck was glowing lightly. Marluxia was frozen as Xandra walked towards him. His eyes closed briefly as her misty hand fell to his cheek. "I.....I don't understand. can I feel your hand?"
Xandra smiled at that as she said, "When Virgil anchor my soul to this amulet he sent my heart to you. Though my soul is in the amulet; my heart is within you. That way we'll never be seprated and as long as your in range of the amulet my soul can take this form using both you and Virgil."
"Xandra and I have discussed what has happened," Virgil said though he didn't sound happy about something. "And I have agreed that as long as I stick with you I will allow you to take the amulet. That way Xandra will be connected to her heart and your mind. There she can talk to you whenever she wishs it. But I placed a spell on it...should her soul be in danger I will know. If that happens then you must agree that you will give the amulet back until I can determine what is wrong. As her guard it is my duty to protect her and I will do so even if it means destorying the one she loves to protect her."
"Virgil..........." Xandra said in a warning voice. "We're not thoes people anymore. Illanya is gone and never coming back, I am Xandra now." She walked back to him and smiled as she laid her hand on his shoulder. "Please Virgil; your with friends can trust them just as you trust me."
Virgil sighed as he said, "I still don't like the idea." But his hand went to his neck and he slipped the amulet off. When he did Xandra disappeared since the amulet stopped glowing. He held onto it for a moment before holding out his hand to Marluxia. "Just.......take care of her."
Marluxia placed his hand over the amulet and nodded as he said, "Count on it. But....I think she'd like it if you stayed and I....I would too."
Without batting an eye or showing any emotion Virgil simply said, "I planned on it." He then turned and walked back inside to start making plans. Axel followed after him so that Marluxia was left outside alone. Or at least....that's how it seemed.
"Let him be for now," Came Xandra's voice in Marluxia's mind. Though to them it felt much different since Marluxia could FEEL her within him. Marluxia didn't know if it was because her heart and soul were now within him or because their love was that strong. And in all honesty he didn't care; he was just glad to have her back with him.
Marluxia closed his eyes as he leaned agaisnt the building and bowed his head. "Xandra.......I am so sorry." In his mind he was on his knees with his hands folded in hers. "Please......please forgive me. I couldn't do anything to help you."
Xandra bended down until she was on her knees too and wrapped her arms around him. She drew him close until his head was resting agaisnt her shoulder. "There is nothing to forgive Marluxia. You have helped me in more ways then you can ever know. You were the only one besides Sai who believed I hadn't joined Korgon." And it was in there that they shared a special moment. Even though it was just in their minds to them it felt real and that was all that mattered.