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Mystic Tome of Silver_Cerulean Whatever I feel like putting in.

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Fiesta Fanfic #2 Notes 2
I don't own anything in Fiesta. Don't arrest me! >.<;

***May go in as a prologue or it will show up in various chapters***

Origin of the Luminous Stone. The Orion Magic and the Orion Shooting Star

Long ago, a meteoroid imbued with powerful magic flew from the Orion stars to a planet light years away. It landed in the southern part of Isya; in a forest. The fallen shooting star made a giant impact crater but the magic within it reduced the damage of the impact on the environment. Because of this, the only scar it left was a crater. Overtime, the fallen star is buried by debris and dirt. Rain water filled the depression and the stone remain hidden.
One day a young mage was practicing his magic by the lake in the Forest of Mist. As he was practicing, he noticed a glowing light in the water. To find out what is making that light he took off his clothes and, casts air magic on himself, and jumped into the lake. He swam great depths, following the light, until he reached the bottom of the lake. Then he used his spells to uncover the hidden object and, to his surprise, found a glowing rock stuck half way through the base of the lake. Thrilled by this discovery, he got out of the water and told his family about it.
The entire family came to the lake as told by the young mage. On his order he and the family lift the rock out of the lake and successfully extracted it. As they approach the meteorite, the star’s magic reaches to them and infused them with magic and a vision. In this vision were the Orion star system and the origin of the glowing rock. Because of this insight, the family dubbed the stone the Orion shooting star.
Ever since the family found the Orion, they learn to train their new Orion magic under the guidance of the Orion. They train day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year. Not only do they practice these newfound powers they also built a relationship with the stone treating like its part of the family.
One day a man happened to come across a lone house in the Forest of Mist. At the same time he saw some people practicing some strange cosmic magic and a strange stone bathed in light. He saw how immense their power is and rushed back to tell the others about what he saw. At first no one believed him; however several people wanted to see if this is true. So the man and several people went to visit the lone house in secret.
They finally reached the lone house in the Forest of Mist. They happen to eye on a mage using some strange power and the glowing rock. “It is true!” one man whispered in surprise. They took notes of what happened and left their hiding spot. They told the others of the power and the glowing rock. Eventually many people were told of the story and believed in it. Because of this, the path to ruins by the hands of these people will be paved.
The many people who believed in their story now know of the existence of the Orion shooting star. Many people quarreled. This quarrel led to many fights in the streets. It led to murders and eventually, a war; a war over the power of the Orion. This is their path to destruction.
Back in the Forest of Mist the Orion speaks to the family about the trouble heading their way. It spoke in a grim voice, “The people now know of my existence. Because of this, those wicked men will tear their way through the Forest of Mist to take my power.” The mage who first found the Orion spoke, “This is terrible! We should not have practice openly like this!” “This war…this madness…it must end. All of you must go and stop their destruction. Do not worry for you are protected by the power of the Orion.”
As commanded by the Orion, they set out to stop the warring men from destroying the Forest of Mist entirely. They approach the men ravaging the forest. The men stop fighting to see the mages imbued with the magic of the ancient shooting star. When they saw the family, they attack the mages in blind fury and greed to open them up and take their powers. In reaction to this assault the mages pacify them using Orion’s magic and destroyed their weapons. The many men shouted in anger to be released, but they won’t let go until they listen. Eventually the weary men gave up in struggling and listened to the mages. A member of the family spoke to them all in sadness, “This fighting for the Orion has gone long enough! Look at what you have done to the Forest of Mist!” The weary men looked around in shame. They were totally blind to the damage they have caused to this once peaceful forest. A man spoke out in sorrow, “What have we done!?” Many people, including the family, cried in deep sorrow for the lost of many areas of the Forest of Mist.
In response to the sadness, the Orion shooting star lifted itself and flew to the area where the men and the family are located. It spoke to all in a sympathetic manner, “You men have all suffered enough. The forest has suffered enough of this chaos. I will bring this forest and the rest of the areas you destroyed back to life using the power of the Orion stars. The Orion’s aura intensified, engulfing the forest and the destroyed areas in a blinding light. When the people opened their eyes, the forest was brimming with life once more. Because of this act, the Orion started dimming. The founding mage started shedding tears when he saw the meteorite’s glow darkening. “Orion please don’t go!” The Orion spoke weakly, “I’m sorry but I used all the available magic within me to restore the forest and the ravaged area to its former glory. I cannot sustain myself any further.” “But can’t you rest and regain your magic? Surely you can-” “No, I’m not a humanoid like you all. I’m merely a rock from the Orion star system imbued with its magic. This magic is what gave me a thought and soul.” “But I can infuse my magic into your rocky body so you can last longer.” “No, I gave you and your family my magic in hopes that it will serve a purpose later in the future. Because you are naturally alive, you can constantly produce the Orion magic and pass it down to later generations.” “Please don’t go, please!” “I’m sorry but I cannot last too long. I wanted to say thank you for treating me like I’m an important part of the family. I knew I made the right choice. Good bye.” “No, don’t go!!!”
With the last farewell, the stone dimmed into a dark rock. The family wept for the star they took in. To honor the star, they renamed their family name, the Orion family. They used its rocky body to make seven family crests all enchanted with Orion magic. The remaining pieces were fused together to make two orbs. Then the orbs were infused with the same power as the crests. Then they, as a way to show their respects and thanks, built a shrine in the center of the Forest of Mist. In the second basement floor, they made a twin dragon statue holding the two orbs in its mouth. The orbs react with each other and created an energy sphere that moved perpetually. This became the heart of the shrine and is the main thing that keeps the entire building standing. When the shrine is finished, they name the shrine, the Luminous Stone.
As time passed, the ancient Orion magic was kept secret among family members for many generations. This magic was passed down by blood and will forever remain in the blood of those who descended from the Orion mages. The crests themselves disguised their appearance to avoid being found and can only be activated by the descendants of the Orion. However, their bloodline was diminishing and only a handful of them remain. Their ancient magic was nearly forgotten by everyone but the descendants of the Orion. Their crests were passed down to them and only seven of the handful of the descendants has them. The remaining known descendants are: Myzen, DarkDoran, the Dark Elf, Naomi and StarRay.

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