It is interesting to be on Gaia again after debating whether to stay on or to go off for a very long time. I am finally back on, and I hopefully going to stay!
I am fairly content with just a few, close friends on Gaia and in real life. I have a tendency to like most people I meet, but I do not need to become very close with all of them.
Right now life in nice and quiet, with it being summer and all, and I am enjoying my free time. I like to just be quiet sometimes, but other than those times of complete serenity and tranquility (a meditation of sorts), I am never without music, one of my eternal companions.
Ah what am I doing, just blabbing on like this. Well in short: It is nice to be back on Gaia, and a big thank you to all my good friends who re-received me so well. I love you all! <3